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Building the Perfect Garden for Seniors
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Gardens for seniors should provide a place to relax and unwind, to work and get exercise, and to feel safe without risks of falling or injuries.

A garden, no matter how small, brings enormous benefits for seniors. It offers a quiet space for relaxation, calms nerves and reduces anxiety. Studies show that gardening is good for the health. It improves mobility & flexibility and enhances endurance and strength. If you have customers that are seniors who intend to keep a garden or make one in a new home, here are ways to make those gardens senior-friendly.

Advice on What Plants to Keep
As a professional landscaper, advising seniors what plants to retain or newly install will be much appreciated. For example, if they love hummingbirds, there are certain plants and flowers that attract them. Tall trees might be avoided to reduce maintenance work. The idea is to use suitable plants to make their garden a space that they can truly enjoy without being overwhelmed.

Design the Outline of the Garden
Landscape architects and contractors should focus on providing an attractive and functional garden where seniors can relax and meditate. If space is an issue, container gardening is an option. Propose light containers and planters to make it easy for the elderly to maintain flowers, herbs or small shrubs that are planted on the premises. For assisted-living communities that need gardens, ensure that a soothing space is created. Add benches where seniors can sit and enjoy the garden. Other structures that may be built include a pond or a small waterfall. If there is an issue with space, vertical and raised garden beds might be recommended.

Do the Heavy Work
Not only design and build a garden, offer to do the maintenance and upkeep of the place. Having them contract the weeding, raking, trimming and mowing, allows them to just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the garden. For the elderly and frail, heavy garden work is not recommended and hiring landscapers to do the job is a sensible alternative.

The ideal garden for seniors is not only a place to work and get exercise, but also a space to relax and unwind. It should also be an area where they feel safe without risks of falling or injuries. This is where professional landscapers come in. So plan, design and maintain gardens for seniors that are beautiful, practical and safe.

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