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Building Your Business and Concrete Acumen with Sakrete
Pre-mixed Bagged Concrete Has Many Advantages


As the trend of homeowners requesting outdoor living spaces with fire features, dining, cooking and entertainment areas continues to grow, so do opportunities for contractors to use concrete products in these projects.

Sakrete, the original dry cement mix brand and a leader in concrete, offers a wide range of concrete and concrete repair products that can help landscape contractors grow their business and services. Pre-mixed bagged concrete is an ideal option for landscape contractors as they come ready to mix and are easier to transport and maneuver than a ready-mix truck. In addition, the exact amount and type of pre-mixed bagged concrete can be bought according to which project it is for, providing contractors the precise formulation needed to ensure their project is successful.


Sakrete's High-Strength Concrete Mix is ideal for installing a concrete slab, a common project that clients may request as part of their overall landscaping project. High-Strength Concrete Mix is a pre-blended mixture of sand, coarse aggregate and cementitious materials. With 4,000 psi, it is also the preferred option for projects ranging from driveways to walkways, ramps or even to form and create stairs. Installing a concrete slab is a project that can be achieved in one day by following these simple steps. Whether a client is in need of a patio or a winding walkway through their garden, the pre-mixed concrete will make the job easier.

Another simple project that is beneficial for landscape contractors to have in their arsenal is the ability for dry-stacking blocks to make knee walls around a feature such as a fire pit. Concrete can be formed and poured in or contractors can use a specialty mortar mix with special fibers to create a mortarless block wall. That adds a substrate that can have a veneered overlay of synthetic or natural stone to create an authentic look. Fire pits are hugely popular among homeowners, and the trend doesn't appear to be slowing. As owners look to expand their outdoor living spaces with large features like fire pits or entire outdoor kitchens, opportunities for contractors to use concrete products in hardscape settings are only growing.


Fences and mailboxes may also be a request as part of a larger landscaping project, both of which require concrete as a base. Using Sakrete's Fast Setting Concrete Mix, landscape contractors can easily set posts and poles in thirty minutes without mixing or bracing, allowing for same day use. With the Fast Setting Concrete Mix, landscape contractors can install mailboxes, fence posts or even basketball hoop poles for clients.

If a new concrete project is not in the works, basic concrete skills are still invaluable for contractors. Concrete is the ideal tool for hardscaping repairs and Sakrete offers a variety of specialty repair products. For example, Sakrete's Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer only requires the addition of clean, potable water and is perfect for resurfacing concrete slabs. Broken concrete corners and chipped concrete steps are also a common repair and Sakrete's Fast Setting Cement Patcher sets in 20 minutes and easily repairs these unsightly areas. In addition to its fast setting feature, it offers a high-strength 5,000 psi and is open to foot traffic in four hours and vehicular traffic in 24 hours.

Manufacturers such as Sakrete offer a number of resources and videos about various concrete projects and skills. In addition, Sakrete customers can always directly contact the company's Technical Team with specific questions or help with a project. When selecting a concrete brand, look for one that provides support, resources and a trusted brand name. For more information, visit or call 866-SAKRETE.

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