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Three Pillars of Success, Leadership Pitfalls to Avoid and More


Three pillars of success as a manager according to executive coach Jan Makela are:
• Engage with a compelling vision
• Have the assertiveness to drive outcomes
• Motivate each team member to take action

In her latest article, "Avoid Leadership Pitfalls..." author Elizabeth McCormick gives these five tips to assure leadership and team directives match the end result:
• Know your destination
• Engage your team
• Plan your work, work your plan
• Own your results
• Share your progress

Helping employees and the company to succeed is an ongoing responsibility for managers but how do they gauge their own success. Author and career coach Lei Wang says that instead of using external factors to do so, consider the following tenets to understand a professional journey:
• Measure success against your own efforts -- not external comparisons
• Challenges create energy to reach your professional apex
• Success involves reconnecting and actualizing purpose

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