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Business Opportunities, Leaf Blower Bans and Immigration

Continuing our look back at the top viewed articles of 2011, we find there was interest in three additional areas: Business opportunities, leaf blower bans and immigration. To read any of these articles in their entirety, click on the article title that will link you to the original story featured at

The Saga of The Leaf Blower Battle Continues

No landscape maintenance tool gets as maligned as the venerable leaf blower. Like a disgraced celebrity, this once heralded tool is under attack like few others across the nation. And landscape maintenance professionals are taking notice, as one of their most efficient tools comes under increasing attack. Below are two of the most viewed articles concerning leaf blowers, as well as the latest leaf blower news.

Sebastopol City, CA To Ban Leaf Blowers

Greenwich Mulls Leaf Blower Ban


Few political issues are more divisive in the US than immigration and immigration legislation. As Immigrants make up a sizable percentage of the landscaping workforce, landscape contractors and maintenance companies are interested in this subject. Below are the most viewed articles about immigration over the last 12 months.

Illegal Immigrants at 11 Million

South Carolina Immigration

Business Opportunities

It is no secret that 2011 was not a good year for the economy. As such, news items that offered business opportunity potential received many views. Below are the top viewed news stories.

Unkempt Yards Offer Opportunities

Improve Business, Learn Lighting

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