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Cal Poly SLO to Build Solar Farm
Slated for Completion in Winter 2017


In addition to environmental benefits, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo expects to save about $17 million on energy costs over 20 years from the installation of 18.5 acres of solar panels.

As part of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's Net Zero Plan, the university will be constructing a solar farm this summer.

The 18.5-acre facility will include more than 16,000 solar panels with a capacity of 4.5 megawatts. It will be capable of generating more than 11 million kWh per year, enough to provide about 25 percent of the energy needed for the school.

According to the university, the solar farm will use tracking technology to follow the sun across the sky, resulting in approximately 30 percent more energy than a stationary system.

In addition to providing energy, the solar farm will incorporate a solar engineering lab for students to conduct experiments with solar technology. The school's animal science program will also use the space to research vegetation management practices for solar farms.

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