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Calif. Water District to Pay for Smart Irrigation

Rain Master iCentral System is one of a kind for the industry and a much desired solution for those seeking a cost-effective and real-time system. It offers intelligent Evapo-Transpiration.

The Rancho California Water District recently received an $87,500 grant from the federal government to install the computerized systems, which can adjust water deliveries to take into account the weather, soil and other factors.

The district’s smart irrigation program is expected to save 1.4 billion gallons of water over the 10-year lifetime of the equipment.

“Our goal always is to sustain our customers with a reliable supply of water,” said district spokeswoman Meggan Reed.

Smart irrigation is the latest water-saving strategy for the district, which serves Temecula, part of Murrieta and nearby unincorporated areas.

The district is also moving to cut back water supplies for agricultural customers. In addition, golf courses and other large-scale users are being required to use recycled water on their greenery.

The smart irrigation push comes as the district is boosting water rates for high-use customers. Starting Jan. 1, landscape accounts that use more than 150 percent of their water allotment will be charged $428 per acre foot of water instead of $322 per acre foot.

The City of Temecula uses two types of smart irrigation systems for its parks and other landscaping.

Source: The Press Enterprise

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June 17, 2019, 8:40 am PDT

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