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Call for EPA To Test School Fields

Concerns similar to those in Washington D.C., pertaining to trace amounts of lead being in newly installed turf, have been brought to light in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts, but all have been declared safe for use.

Washington D.C. City Council member Marion Barry held a news conference in June alongside community activists, parents and educators outside Anacostia High School to demand the EPA do immediate testing on all public school and recreation fields for toxins associated with silica sand.

Activists say the fields refurbished by the city (Dunbar, McKinley, Roosevelt, Coolidge, Ballou and Wilson High Schools) include products with silica sand, which is deemed dangerous when inhaled. They are also concerned that four additional fields, including Anacostia High’s (along with the fields at Spingarn, Cardozo and Eastern high schools), will be updated with the same methods.

Source: Washington Post

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June 15, 2019, 10:26 pm PDT

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