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There's the Crooked House; the Humpty Dumpty play area; the maze of tunnels; the Big Cheese; the tree structure; the lion, and more. Sound intriguing? To a child it most definitely is, and even more so after a series of recent renovations and upgrades to revitalize Caper Acres. In the mid-1990s, age and nature got the better of the 30-year-old playground. A powerful storm caused many of the oak trees to tumble. Elements of the playground were so badly damaged that they had to be demolished. Caper Acres was temporarily closed; even the annual Easter egg hunt was cancelled! After the storm, the city and the Building Industry Association (BIA) spearheaded reconstruction. Jim Mann, landscape architect and BIA president, orchestrated; Greg Melton served as the project manager and designer. The Crooked House One of the most badly damaged structures was the Crooked House and its slide. The longstanding feature had to be demolished. Residential builders Ritchie Homes, an appropriate namesake, rebuilt Crooked House. Humpty Dumpty One of the more popular features in Caper Acres is the Humpty Dumpty sand play area. Humpty is made from chicken wire and plaster. While Humpty weathered the storms, time had faded the colors, and slowly cracked apart the famous egg. Rather than put Humpty back together, he was rebuilt and the entire play area was repainted. The Entry New planting and the installation of a brick entry took place at the gate and drawbridge entryway. The renovation of Caper Acres was a community effort with a number of donors contributing funds to the project. In recognition of the donors a brick entry has been constructed just outside the entry gates. This work-in-progress has a large green circle surrounded by hundreds of donor bricks. A local perennial nursery designer and installer, Marilynn Cannon, assisted with the entry project. Ms. Cannon redid the plantings at the park's entrance.

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November 22, 2019, 1:25 pm PDT

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