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Cement Shipments Down in March
Masonry, Portland, Blended and Clinker Cement Effected


China is by far the largest cement producer in the world, creating around 2.4 billion tons of cement annually. The United States is third in the world, behind India, by about 200 million tons of cement produced.

The International Cement Review reports that in March 2018, the total weight of Portland, masonry, clinker and blended cement shipments for the United States and Puerto Rico was down to 7.51 million tons.

Portland and blended cement dipped to 7.42 million tons, which is down compared to March, 2017, when 7.49 million tons of Portland and blended cement were traded.

According to, an online statistics website, the United States, excluding Puerto Rico, consumes an average of 96,680 tons of cement a year. The site also states that projected cement production in the US is 100 million metric tons, an increase of about 15 million tons.

Masonry cement shipments fell a whopping 9% year over year to 207,000 tons, including just 1320 tons of imports. The top consuming states of masonry cement were Florida, Texas, California, Georgia and North Carolina, making up 59% of the market according to one source.

Clinker cement output totaled 5.9 million tons in March 2018, a decrease of 4.4% over March of last year. Imports were also down, amounting to just shy of a million tons of clinker imported to the U.S.

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