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CLCA Awards Mission Landscape

The scope of work included reducing turf areas, installing drought resistant grasses and initiating best-in-class water management, tree and maintenance practices. All green waste at the Newport Summit site is recycled and non-contributable to local landfills.

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Tustin based Mission Landscape received first place honors and a commercial landscaping award from the CLCA for Bixby Land Company's property, Newport Summit, located in the Newport Corridor. The Mission Landscape Companies are one of the largest full service integrated landscape providers in the United States. The four Mission Landscape integrated operating units involved in the award-winning five and a half acre commercial Newport Summit site were Landscape Development, Landscape Maintenance, Tree Care and Environmental Services. Bixby Land Company's goals for the Newport Summit site included reducing water usage, expanding green waste recycling and enhancing the overall property appearance and customer experience.

With a shared vision for sustainability and maximizing stakeholder returns, the four Mission Landscape operating units along with the Bixby Land Company team worked collaboratively toward its goals. David DuBois, CEO and President of the Mission Landscape companies stated, "We're very fortunate to have such an innovative, stakeholder-centric and intelligent client like Bixby Land Company with which to work. In addition to being well respected leaders in their industry, they are also committed environmental stewards. We share a common vision and we're proud of our long term relationship with them. Winning an award with them is an honor." The Mission Landscape companies provide landscape services to several Bixby Land Company properties.

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November 19, 2019, 10:39 pm PDT

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