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Clock Is Paused on Overtime Rule

Texas Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction


A number of business groups and state attorneys general set out a challenge to the Labor Department's attempt to more than double the salary threshold for overtime eligibility.

Set to take effect on Dec. 1, the new overtime rule that would considerably raise the annual pay threshold that many salaried workers would have to hit before not being eligible for overtime, was put on a temporary hold by a federal judge.

The Hill reports that the rule would extend overtime pay to more than 4 million employees, which the news outlet says is a majority of those earning salaries less than $47,476 - the new threshold dictated by the Labor Department's directive. The old, and for the time being continuing limit, is $23,660.

U.S. District Judge in Texas Amos Mazzant issued the 20-page injunction, which stops any changes on the matter nationwide while hearings continue to weigh the validity of DOL's action.

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June 18, 2019, 6:44 pm PDT

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