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Colleges Outsource Landscaping

The Texas A&M University System announced it is outsourcing its campus landscaping (among other services). According to Chancellor John Sharp, the plan is a good way to raise money in the financially struggling higher education sector.

''Today's announcement means more money will be available to recruit, pay and retain faculty and researchers,'' he said at a recent news conference. This is just another example of public organizations looking to save money by outsourcing landscape maintenance.

''We're always looking to be entrepreneurial in how we can provide the highest-quality education at the lowest cost to both taxpayers and students,'' UT-Austin president Bill Powers said.

''Change is always difficult,'' said Loftin, A&M's president. ''Human nature is to embrace stability and reject change. But those who embrace change and make it work for them have been the most successful.''

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December 8, 2019, 8:58 am PDT

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