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Colo. ASLA in Denver Civic Center Discussions

The Colorado History Museum hosts one of the most comprehensive exhibit experiences about the state's American Indians.

Mark Tabor, past president of the ASLA Colorado chapter (CCASLA), reports in the chapter's newsletter that CCASLA was asked by a Denver city councilwoman and the mayor's office to participate in a select panel discussion of proposals to relocate the Colorado History Museum.

Two city-owed sites are under consideration. Meetings of the panel began in September 2007, with presentations about museum operations, preliminary architectural concepts and cost estimates.

As the proposals are still in the preliminary stage, the chapter did not take a formal position, but supports the proposal to relocate the museum to Civic Center Park, which incorporates the McNicols Building and a new building on the southwest corner of the park, including a subterranean area. The CCASLA further suggests:

  • A much more comprehensive design solution and site improvements before any proposal is approved.
  • If buildings are remodeled or built in the park, they need a strong outdoor relationship to park activities.
  • The need for greater access and circulation improvements to Civic Center Park before any development is approved.
  • Wider public awareness and discussion of these proposals is needed.

In December, Mayor Hickenlooper and Councilwoman Jeanne Robb released a joint statement outlining a proposal to build in Civic Center Park:

  1. Restoration of the McNichols Building and creation of adjacent underground space for use by the Colorado History Museum.
  2. Construction of a one-story glass exhibit hall in the southwest corner of the park as a public cultural center for year-round exhibits, programming and events.
  3. Renovation to accommodate office or storage needs of the museum and other cultural nonprofits.

The CCASLA continues to be involved in discussions of this proposal and others associated with Civic Center Park.

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