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Compact Loader With The Versatility of Skid-Steer-Style Attachments
SDLG's L918F


With snow removal equipment, budget is paramount. Frontend loaders used to remove snow aren't operated for many hours, as their usage demands are entirely dependent on the weather. SDLG wheel loaders require less of an initial investment than their premium-priced counterparts -- without sacrificing quality.

The L918F compact frontend loader from SDLG is perfect for small landscaping, bulk and material handling, and snow removal jobs. Whether you're moving sand and gravel or salt and snow, it's the economical compact loader suited for all seasons. Its skid-steer-style coupler makes it a versatile loader fit for multiple attachments - and whether you need to operate at faster speeds to clear snow or at a slower pace for jobs that aren't time-sensitive, the L918F loader provides the perfect balance. Its low-maintenance engine and basic features make it a simple, compact loader at an affordable price.


The L918F loader features a 1.0 yd3 bucket capacity mounted to a skid-steer style coupler, placing it in the compact loader category but with the versatility of skid steer style attachments. This loader competes with large skid steer loaders, providing the same bucket capacity but with increased maneuverability and operator comfort. Additionally, the compact loader's steering mechanism causes less damage to job site grounds when compared with a skid-steer loader.

Customer demand is the driving force behind the addition of the L918F to the SDLG wheel loader line up, with several companies asking SDLG dealers for a compact, value loader alternative for many current skid-steer loader applications.

A compact and versatile loader
The L918F front end loader excels in a variety of applications, including landscaping, work in stone and mulch yards, snow removal, and waste and recycling. Like other SDLG loaders, it's ideal for applications that are seasonal or don't require lots of operating hours. The machine is also perfect for owners that can find value in a reliable, low-cost loader backed by a 12-month, 2,000-hour warranty, with extended warranties available. SDLG loaders serve as a viable alternative to used, premium loaders and can often provide a lower total cost of ownership.

The L918F compact loader features:
o A Deutz Tier 4 Final engine (DOC Only, no DPF filter or DEF Fluid)
o Externally cooled disc brakes
o 2-speed countershaft transmission with top speed of 15 mph
o A 1.0 yd3 SSL bucket capacity with in-cab coupler pin control
o An operating weight of 14,990 lbs.
o A rated load limit of 4,000 lbs.
o A maximum breakout force of 8,540 lbf
o A compact body that is only 9 feet, 7 inches tall and 6 feet, 8 inches wide

A brand on the rise
SDLG is one of the world's top sellers of frontend loaders. The brand was introduced to North America in 2013, having proven itself in many other regions. The goal was to test the viability of a value brand option in the market, offering front end loaders with simple but proven, reliable technology at an affordable cost. A seasoned dealer network and solid warranty further bolstered the company's value proposition.

Several municipalities in Canada and the U.S., including the New Jersey Department of Transportation, are using SDLG frontend loaders for roadwork and snow removal, among other applications.

To learn more about the versatility of the SDLG L918F loader - and the entire SDLG wheel loader portfolio - visit

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