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ATLANTA, Ga. - The HOK Planning Group has completed the conceptual master plan for the Confluence Greenway, a network of parks, recreation trails, greenways and conservation areas surrounding the confluences of the Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. A coalition of public and private organizations hired The HOK Planning Group in May 2000 to develop the plan, which creates a perpetually sustainable riverside park on both sides of the Mississippi River extending from the Gateway Arch to the river’s confluences with the Missouri and Illinois rivers.

The Confluence Greenway project celebrates the meeting of the Great Rivers as the symbolic, physical and environmental heart of the St. Louis region. The Greenway covers 200 square miles and follows 40 miles of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers with parks, conservation and wildlife habitat areas, recreation trails and interpretive sites. The vision for the Confluence Greenway includes raising its status to national significance.

In November 2000, five of the 12 counties in the St. Louis metropolitan area voted to establish a regional park and recreation district. The district will determine which projects related to the Confluence Greenway will be funded by the proceeds of a 0.1 cent sales tax that also was established by the referendum vote in November. The seven other metropolitan area counties have the opportunity to join the park and recreation district at any time.

As part of the conceptual plan, The HOK Planning Group identified a number of “Phase One” items that would be accomplished by 2004. The 2004 date is significant because it represents the bicentennial of the transfer of the Louisiana Territory and the start of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, as well as the centennial of the Louisiana Exposition World's Fair in St. Louis.

The Confluence Greenway is a large area with many different groups and municipalities involved in its development, and a number of individual initiatives are in progress simultaneously. Portions of the Confluence Greenway already have been completed or are under construction.

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