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Landscape contractors have a multitude of apps, software programs and hardware solutions available to help them. Here are some of the wide variety of digital tools for the green industry on the market these days.

Mobile Apps
SKYSITE is cloud-based and can be used on Apple, Android and Windows devices. Users are able to store, view, manage and distribute construction documents in real time, so all parties are able to collaborate on projects. Pricing depends on the number of users.

FinishLine Pro allows users to store and manage punch and construction lists to reduce the time required for inspections, distribution of information, re-inspections and coordination between parties. It is customized for each project. The licensing cost covers the life of a project, and allows an unlimited number of people to use it, as well as setup and support for one year, and training.

Quickrete has an app that is free, and available on both iPhone and Android devices. Users can search for the company's products, learn about their technical specifications, calculate quantities of products needed for any project, and collect and manage that information.

SmartUse is available on Apple and Windows devices. Managers can use it to share, view, compare and mark-up plans in real time. This can be done from multiple devices and locations. It is available in three packages: for single projects; annual use for multiple projects; and a 60-day program, also for multiple projects.

MyShiftster is free and available on Apple and Android devices. Employees input their shift schedules, and MyShiftster keeps track of those schedules. Workers receive alerts on shift start times, and can communicate with managers and co-workers, as long as they have MyShiftster. Employees can trade and make shift changes with other employees with this app.

SiteWorks helps managers better supervise project sites and punch/snag lists. It can be downloaded to Apple devices for a cost. Punch/snag lists can be placed directly onto PDF drawings. Managers can organize and view sites and drawings. Each job site can have its own folder, and their contents can be modified. Supervisors are able to import drawings. Reports and punch/snag lists can be printed right from the app.

Tool Tracker can be downloaded to Apple and Android devices, and the cost depends on the number of tools tracked. Contractors can scan barcodes on the tools or equipment, and enter jobsite information for each tool. Tools and equipment can be assigned to specific jobsites, or transferred to other jobsites. This app can track anywhere from 5 to 10,000 tools.

Fleet Management
Networkfleet is available through Verizon. Managers can keep track of the location of their vehicles with GPS technology, and receive alerts about unsafe driving, such as hard braking and speeding. And when a vehicle breaks down, Networkfleet offers free roadside assistance. Details: 866-869-1353, or email at

Teletrac is cloud-based software that allows businesses to monitor engine diagnostics and fuel efficiency among other information. Teletrac keeps drivers on time with "intuitive routing" and messaging. Companies reportedly save on fuel and driver overtime costs. Details: 1-800-TELETRAC; or

GPS Insight uses GPS tracking to monitor driver overtime, speeding, vehicle idling and unauthorized vehicle use, and prevent fuel card fraud and vehicle theft. With GPS Insight Fleet Card, cardholders can simplify fuel purchases and reduce fuel fraud. It also makes reports available to any size fleet. Details: 866-477-4321, or email at

There are an abundance of digital tools on the market these days that assist landscape businesses in a number of areas. For example, the software program AboutTime, with more than 100 accounting integrations, helps companies track employees' hours, gauge their productivity, and streamline payroll operations.

Fleet management systems help business owners and managers keep track of all vehicles and other assets, such as light and heavy equipment. One of them, GPS Insight, offers a service called GPS Insight Fleet Card. With it, cardholders can simplify fuel purchases and reduce fuel fraud. It also makes reports available for any size fleet.

Some fleet management programs, like Teletrac, provide businesses with advanced tracking tools and can give managers data about engine diagnostics and fuel efficiency.

Master Route sells and distributes commercial and industrial grade GPS fleet tracking and machine-to-machine (M2M) monitoring systems. The LMU-2700 and the LMU-2720 come with either internal or external antennas and can be mounted anywhere on a vehicle. The company offers both cellular and GPS options. These devices have a 3-axis accelerometer to detect aggressive acceleration and vehicle impacts. Details: 855-44-ROUTE.

Azuga has a G2 device that plugs into each vehicle. Managers can obtain data about their fleets through any Internet-connected PC, tablet or smart phone. Installers are not needed. Azuga's G2 "talks" to the engine and monitors driver behavior, fueling events, engine data and more. Details: 408-430-5777, or email at

Virtual Fleet Supervisor offers GPS fleet tracking without contracts and can accommodate fleets of any size. Its software includes a vehicle dispatch module and web-based tracking. These features allow managers to communicate with their drivers, re-route vehicles when needed and give estimated ETAs to customers. Details: 800-746-5170.

Productivity Software
SLICE Technologies serves landscape contractors, wholesale nurseries, and the landscape maintenance industry. Its flagship product, SLICEplus, helps landscape contracting and landscape maintenance companies develop proposals and precise estimates, keep track of contracts, and perform invoicing and billing. It can also manage job schedules, materials, equipment and labor. The wholesale nursery industry can use it to control inventory, generate quotes and track orders, complete shipping and invoicing, and develop detailed sales and profit reports. Details: 800-543-7249, or email

Real Green Systems offers software programs for lawn care professionals. Service Assistant is the basic package. With it, owners can calculate accurate prepayments and suggested service prices, track vehicles, and maintain and update employee schedules, customer lists, invoices and receivables. There are also a number of add-on programs. Details: 888-345-2154, or email at

MowerMeter helps with equipment maintenance. A company's equipment information is entered into its "repair tracker." Owners can receive information about repair and maintenance costs. Data from the mechanics who work on the equipment is synced back to the computer, and then the software program updates all records. Details: 800-635-8485, or email at

AboutTime Enterprise Suite tracks and manages mobile resources in real-time. It helps companies monitor its labor pool and productivity. It has more than 100 accounting programs, and can streamline billing, payroll and other operations. Details: 888-315-8463, or email at

QXpress Scheduling Software is a scheduling, job costing and batch-invoicing program. It is designed for QuickBooks users in the field services industry. Users can schedule one-time and recurring services for customers, print route lists and work orders, record start and stop times, enter materials used, and then post the work back to QuickBooks as an invoice. Details: 888-797-7377. Website:

Verizon's Networkfleet uses GPS technology to keep track of the location of vehicles, and also collects information about unsafe driving, such as hard braking and speeding. The system can then send managers alerts about these behaviors.

Quickrete offers a free app for both iPhone and Android devices that lets professionals calculate quantities of their product needed for any project, and also collect and manage product information.

MowerMeter features what it calls a "repair tracker." It can tell managers how much has been spent on repairs and maintenance for most equipment. After work is done on a particular machine, the mechanic records the work. The data is synced with the software program, which then updates its records.

BOSS Landscape Management Software consolidates a company's management information into one place, replacing multiple software packages. BOSS combines purchasing, production, proposals, sales metrics and more into a single system. It is cloud-based. Details: 866-596-5971. Website:

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