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FDA Approves Disarm for Dollar Spot

On fine textured and close-cut turf, the disease appears as round, brown to straw-colored and somewhat sunken spots approximately the size of a silver dollar; thus, the common name “dollar spot”. In coarse textured grasses maintained at taller cutting heights, the dead spots are larger and more diffuse.

Arysta LifeScience N.A. has received EPA approval of an expanded label for its Disarm fungicide for control of dollar spot and zoysia patch in golf course, lawn care, sports turf management, and sod production.

“We have seen the quick activity and long-lasting strobilurin disease control of Disarm on brown patch and other major diseases in our prior research. This dollar spot label expansion reflects the unique activity that Disarm has successfully demonstrated in extensive 2007 field trials,” said Doug Houseworth, Ph.D., turf and ornamental technical service manager for Arysta.

“In fact, Disarm is the only strobilurin fungicide labeled for control of light-to-moderate dollar spot infestations. For heavier infestations, it is an ideal tank-mix partner with systemic or contact fungicides for optimal dollar spot control and resistance management.”

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November 20, 2019, 1:47 pm PDT

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