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David Gorden, FASLA
Mark M. Holeman Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana

David Gorden, ASLA

David Gorden, FASLA
Category: Service
Mark M. Holeman Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana

David Gorden, of Mark M. Holeman, Inc., received his nomination, in Service, from the Indiana Chapter. Typically engaged in several volunteer commitments at once, Gorden has left an enduring, broad legacy through his leadership and service. In every program, outreach event and elected or appointed position he has undertaken, Gorden has elevated the stature and awareness of landscape architecture regionally and nationally. Within the profession, he engages fellow members in events and issues that increase their knowledge and community standing, and outside groups eagerly seek his leadership, expertise and enthusiasm. His commitment to public and professional service improves environments for people, provides additional tools for practicing landscape architects and promotes the profession beyond its chapters and practitioners in areas such as invasive species. He remains active with the Indiana Invasive Plant Advisory Committee as its sole landscape architect, only one of his many volunteer roles, all of which are devoted to raising public awareness of the inestimable value of gardens, cultural landscapes and the incorporation of beauty in community life.

As seen in LASN magazine, October 2018.

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