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Deere Keeps Owners Informed

Deere offers ways for equipment owners to stay informed about emissions standards. It may seem like emissions standards news is at a lull, as manufacturers' compliance with interim Tier 4 engine emissions has taken effect and Final Tier 4 is not required on landscaping vehicles for at least another few years. Despite these assumptions, local, state and regional emissions controls may change at any time.

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Equipment owners should keep two main varieties of emissions developments in mind. New versions of in-use rules are being enacted throughout the United States and Canada. Although California and New York's new rules remain delayed, Chicago, Vancouver and New Jersey are all maintaining their in-use rules.

Nationally, the Environmental Protection Agency is projected to tighten its regulation of ground-level ozone at the end of this summer. As a result, the EPA will recalculate which areas are categorized as non-attainment zones - or locales where the air quality is worse than the national regulation.

John Deere, provides two ways to stay informed about emissions regulations. First, there is an expert at each John Deere dealer who specializes in local standards. Second, on Deere's website, The Straightforward Blog covers the most recent news on all things emissions.

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