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Developing Drone Deterrent Landscapes
Clemson University Teams up With Duke

Developing Drone Deterrent Landscapes

Hala Nassar, a landscape architecture professor in Clemson's College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities, is the university's principal investigator into landscape design that hinders the use of drones. She is being assisted by Robert Hewitt, an associate professor of landscape architecture also from Clemson and the co-principle investigator for the research.
Photo Credit: Clemson University

Developing Drone Deterrent Landscapes

Although Nassar's research focuses on drone deterrent designs, she still acknowledges that drones can be beneficial for a wide range of applications. "Drone technology is increasingly enabling landscape architects to examine natural, environmental, social and physical characteristics of sites," Nassar states. "Recording and mapping complex transformation of site hydrological, topographic and environmental changes has become faster and more accurate to document."
Photo Credit: Clemson University

Hala Nassar is a landscape architect professor at Clemson University in South Carolina who is looking into how to design public landscapes that detect and deter drone activity.

Conducting research alongside a multidisciplinary team of engineers and landscape architects from both Duke University and Clemson, professor Nassar aims to "design drone deterring structures so there is minimal impact on the aesthetical composition of outdoor environments."

"I became interested in how the outdoor public space can be designed in such a way to protect the public while deterring interloping drones," Nassar tells "Our team works together to create the technology and design solutions that promote positive uses of drones while inhibiting pranksters and potentially malicious pilots."

The National Science Foundation awarded Clemson and Duke a $750,000, three-year grant to further research pertaining to development of an economically viable option for municipalities to incorporate in order to limit the use of illegal unmanned aerial vehicles.

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