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Making multiple trips to the same job site can be an expensive proposition. You need your equipment there to maintain the account while at the same time you have tree trimmings and a large amount of brush to hall away. What do you do? You make multiple trips that cost you time and money. This happens time and again in the landscape industry, and it's probably happening to you. The Land King is a versatile truck that eliminates this kind of downtime and more importantly, lost revenue! Having the right truck is about flexibility, time management and less labor. The truck is a dual-purpose body meaning it is a landscape truck to hall your equipment and it is also a dump bed. Throughout this issue LCN takes a look at standard commercial size trucks, dump trucks and other trucks that will help you get the job done. It will all depend on the size of the work you do and the size of your budget as to which type of truck you buy. If you do a lot of large jobs and maybe have a fleet of trucks then a dual purpose body may be a good option for you. A company that has many workers out in the field needs to make the most efficient use of their time. With a dual purpose body it allows a Landscape Contractor to have his/her emloyees doing the more important things on the job site than traveling from location to location, bringing maerials back and forth. It's just too much time on the road and that will result in the project not getting completed when promised. "I pulled a trailer in the past and could only get my equipment to the job and had to have all my landscape materials delivered," said Andy Watson of Watson Landscaping. "A dual-purpose body is the best investment I have made for my company." Some of the tasks that a dual-purpose body can handle include, transporting equipment without a trailer; fold down sides to load up to four pallets of sod; and an optional hydraulic tool circuit to run hydraulic chain saws, posthole diggers, post pullers, cut off saws, drills, pumps, sprayers and more. The truck body fits both domestic, foreign, conventional or cab over chassis. This body eliminates the need for multiple trucks. You can save over $20,000 by having one truck that can handle all your jobs. That money can go towards more pay for your employees, or new uniforms to give your crews a fresh, sharp look. That will also make your employees feel better about themselves and the job that they do, knowing that they are applying their skills to something more beneficial than just driving around swapping equipment and materials all day long. "I was in the market for a new truck and body," said Don Fleming of Don Fleming Landscape, Inc. "Before, we would load up the truck with debris and send two guys to the landfill to manually unload it, now I can just dump it without any help. I couldn't just buy a dump bed because then I would have to haul a trailer also. This truck and body combo is great." The standard features on this dual purpose body include a five-year limited warranty on the 13-ton Crysteel Hoist; a 24x60x90 storage rack; 18 inch solid steel sides; an 18-degree loading ramp; 18-inch removable front and rear gates; a spring assisted rear gate; a 12-volt in-cab control box; and a load drop check valve for increased safety. Optional features include a towing package; fold down sides; a tarp system; string trimmer racks; 16-24-foot bodies; return line filter; and a hydraulic tool circuit to operate augers, chain saws, sprayers, and more. The standard features obviously make the job easier and so do the optional features, but be sure to check out the options carefully, there may be something that you think you need, and later find out that you will never need to use it. Also, there could be an option that you think you'll need and once you get working, you'll regret your decision not to purchase that particular option. But, that is why they are called options . . . they are optional, and many can be installed at a later date as long as not too many custom modifications have been made to your dual purpose body truck. "I was in the market for a new truck and body," Fleming said. "My budget was around $30,000, so it didn't take me long to increase my budget a few thousand dollars to justify buying a new truck." So whether it's a pickup, a larger commercial sized vehicle or a dual purpose body, remember to check out all of your options and plan for the future growth of your workforce and company in general. Know that the small truck and trailer you have now may work fine, but in a few years when your business grows, it just might not make sense to haul some stuff in the morning and come back in the afternoon to get more stuff. A dual purpose body may be just the thing you need. Remember, it's a lot more productive to be working and fulfilling cient needs than running back and forth to the job site picking up materials that you can only take in seperate loads.

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October 20, 2019, 8:15 pm PDT

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