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Early Declaration of Drought in NJ


A statewide drought emergency was declared in early March by New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey, signing an executive order that empowers state environmental officials to impose wter restictions.

This is the earliest that a drought declaration has been made in the state in any given year.

New Jersey has experienced its driest February on record this year with 5.32 inches of rain fall, which is half the normal amount. Meteorologists say the state needs 18 inches of rain in March, April and May to ease current drought conditions. That is about six inxhes more than the state receives in a normal year.

New Jersey authorities have asked residents to look at the way they use water. They have ben asked to use dishwashers less frequently, doing larger loads of laundry, taking shorter showers, and using a bucket and sponge instead of a hose to wash the car.

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June 18, 2019, 8:54 pm PDT

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