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EasyTurf Named JHM Supply as Reseller

EasyTurf offers specialty synthetic grasses engineered specifically for commercial and residential putting greens, and for pet-friendly landscapes.
Photo: Courtesy of EasyTurf

EasyTurf, Inc. named JHM Supply an authorized reseller for the Greater San Gabriel, Calif. and
surrounding areas.

EasyTurf has a unique opportunity to benefit from the expertise of JHM Supply, who will oversee the synthetic grass leader's expansion to an increasingly receptive California market. The professionals at JHM are experts in landscape design and installation.

EasyTurf, the landscape arm of turf industry-giant FieldTurf, also offers state-of-the-art synthetic lawns for beautiful, easy-care residential and commercial landscapes.

With over 12,000 installations in their region, EasyTurf is one of the largest synthetic grass distribution companies in the country. It has been FieldTurf's exclusive dealer for the residential and commercial landscaping market since 2000, offering high quality synthetic grass landscaping and golf green products and installations available.

By positioning itself as an authorized reseller, JHM can provide the California market with synthetic grass and synthetic grass products. The reseller has the qualifications and expertise to sell synthetic grass, and to access innovative product development technology.

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April 20, 2019, 3:54 pm PDT

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