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EPA Grants $950,000 For Local Stormwater Management

The EPA is providing nearly $1 million to 17 communities nationwide to explore opportunities for green infrastructure, including permeable pavement, green roofs and other techniques to manage runoff and improve waterways.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced in July that it is providing $950,000 to 17 communities across the U.S. to expand green infrastructure use to improve water quality and more effectively manage stormwater.

''Effective stormwater management is one of the most widespread challenges to water quality in the nation,'' EPA water administrator Nancy Stoner said at a stormwater symposium in Baltimore. ''These funds will help expand the use of green infrastructure, revitalize local neighborhoods and help safeguard people's health and the environment.''

The communities receiving funding range from small towns like Sanford, Maine, which is receiving $40,000 to redesign a mill complex that drains to a local river; to Los Angeles, Calif., which was granted $35,000 to review local regulations in order to more thoroughly implement stormwater management systems, which typically include green roofs, rain gardens and permeable surfacing materials.

A full list of the EPA's 2012 community investments is available at:

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November 18, 2019, 11:55 am PDT

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