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EPA to Increase Water Regulations

USA Today reports EPS's more stringent limits could force cities to make major changes in residential and commercial development, including landscaping.

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The issue of water availability is expected to become an even bigger issue as the federal courts put increasing pressure on the federal EPA to begin stricter enforcement of the Clean Water Act.

In 2009, EPA entered into a consent decree with Florida Wildlife Federation to propose limits on nutrient pollution. The result is EPA has proposed more stringent regulation of nutrient water quality standards for Florida.The proposed standard would set a series of numeric limits on the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus that would be allowed in Florida's lakes, rivers, streams, springs and canals. EPA's proposed rule was published in the Jan. 26, 2010 Federal Register and public comments were accepted through April 28. EPA is also looking to begin to enforce limits on stormwater pollution that will have a major impact on how cities deal with runoff. The paper said local governments, which are facing mounting budget deficits, are putting more of the financial burden of maintaining storm water systems on residents and businesses. One city that has taken a proactive sustainable approach to stormwater management is Portland, Ore. Its Green Streets and Eco-roof programs are aimed at reducing stormwater runoff. The city has about 50,000 homeowners who are directing runoff from rooftops into gardens and rain barrels. The city is also offering financial incentives to property owners and developers to install eco-roofs. The city has 300 of these roofs that cover 24 acres. Expect our industry to receive more pressure to reduce runoff with a great opportunity for our product to be part of the solution.

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