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Exhibit Hall "Park" by Kay Tiller, Executive Regional Editor The Oregon Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects has spent an untold amount of time, effort and energy creating a parklike atmosphere in the Exhibit Hall of the 1998 Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. According to Nan Booth Simpson, ASLA, Co-Chair of the Committee that designed and implemented this extensive park design, "We wanted to say thank you to all the companies who buy booths at the ASLA Annual Meetings." Simpson continued, "We understand that this is the first time an exhibit hall has been designed as a park, and we want to thank many of the local firms who are participating for their assistance in furnishing materials and money to implement our plans. I also want to thank our lead designer, Bob Perron, who devoted so much time to the project." Among those companies are J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.; Teufel Horticultural Products & Services, who is building the whole exhibit; JB Sod; Mutual Materials; and Rain Bird/ United Pipe Supply. "These are just a few of those without whom the waterfalls, specimen trees, benches, containers, bridges, decks, gazebos, lighting, stone work and other features could not be a part of our lifelike park setting," explained Simpson. Now a resident of Portland, Oregon, Simpson is a transplanted Texan who has spent much of the time since she received her degree in Landscape Architecture from Texas A & M as a landscape architectural writer. She has one book in circulation-- an idea which she developed several years ago-- entitled "Great Garden Sources of the Pacific Northwest," in which she researched suppliers of every type of plant material, various nursery grown plants to large garden sculpture and included them in a directory for those interested in gardening. At this point, she is completing work on another of these highly researched tomes, "Great Garden Sources for Texans." (I will review it in LASN as soon as it is published.) As a student of Texas A & M, Simpson joined ASLA and was extremely active in both Chapter and Section activities when she lived in Austin, Texas. "I didn't come into the profession until my children ranged in age from 7 to 16. It has been something to which I have devoted my life ever since I graduated. I have primarily been a writer, but I am now a partner in Landscape Refinements with Gale Swanson, a horticultural designer, and we are working mostly on high-end residential design," Simpson explained. More than 300 specimen trees-- up to 5" caliper-- a putting green, and ample park seating areas will be awaiting attendees in the Oregon Convention Center, one of the largest convention centers in the country. "I might add that we want to people to realize the importance of the nursery industry to the State of Oregon. It is now the #1 export of the agricultural industry in the state," Simpson enthused. Simpson also noted that the well-known Salmon Springs Fountain designed by Robert Perron, FASLA, of Perron Collaborative, will be replicated as part of the setting and confided that "the entire water feature installation was an incredible engineering feat." Known as an extremely "detail-oriented" person in whatever she tackles, Simpson noted that "attention to detail and personal service" are the hallmarks of her business. Her strict adherence to detail, no doubt, contributed to making the Exhibit Hall an elegant park for "all Landscape Architects to see in Portland." Sidebar: Exhibit Hall Park Donations LASN would like to take this opportunity to recognize the individuals and companies who have given so generously to the building and furnishing of the park exhibit at the Portland Convention Center for the ASLA Annual Meeting. Plant Materials: JB Sod Jaycee Newman J. Frank Schmidt & Son Company Northwest Shade Tree Loft's Seeds Teufel Horticultural Products & Services Wagner's Hanging Gardens, Ltd. Water Features Arizona Mist Firestone Building Products Rain Bird/United Pipe & Supply Decking, Flooring and Retaining Walls Chemical Specialties Mutual Materials Benches D.M. Braun & Company Game Time Sitecraft Gazebos Leisure Woods Vixen Hill Lighting B-K Lighting Beachside Lighting Honolulu Planters Classic Garden Ornaments Dura Art Stone George Stastny Stone Pots Joel Cotlet Pottery, Inc. Bridges Western Wood Structures, Inc. Natural Stone Cold Springs Granite Interstate Rock Portland Landscape Architect Nan Booth Simpson, ASLA has devoted much of her professional time to authoring landscape architectural books and to coordinating the "parklike" design of the ASLA Expo in the Portland Convention Center. PORTLAND, OR

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