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Dean Cardasis Title: Principal/Associate Professor & Director/Executive Director Company: Dean Cardasis & Associates/University of Massachusetts/James Rose Center Location: Amherst, Massachusetts /Ridgewood, New Jersey Years in Profession: 19 Member of ASLA since: 1997 ASLA Chapter: Boston Category: Works Most Notable Projects: 1) Design of "Durfee Gardens" in Amherst, Massachusetts. 2) Design of "A Plastic Garden" in Northampton, Massachusetts. 3) Rehabilitation of "The James Rose Center" in Ridgewood, New Jersey. "I have a love-hate kind of feeling about being a 'Landscape Architect.' On the one hand, to me, there is no nobler, potentially useful and personally satisfying profession. To be a Landscape Architect can be as close as one can get to simply being alive; to the basic human struggle with the meaning of our own existence on earth. I am proud of many of my colleagues who, in diverse ways, engage this struggle with rigor, dignity and passion. On the other hand, who can honestly say that 'Landscape Architects' have had no role in the degradation of our environment, nor contribute to the banality of our experience?"

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