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Pete Dangermond, Jr. Title: Principal Company: The Dangermond Group Location: Sacramento, California Education: California State Polytechnic College Years in Profession: 45 Member of ASLA since: 1987 ASLA Chapter: Sierra Category: Administrative Most Notable Projects: 1) Preservation efforts in the Santa Rosa Mountains/Indian Canyons south of Palm Springs, California. 2) Riverside County Multi-species Preservation Strategy Plan in California. 3) Santa Ana River preservation, trail, interpretive centers and park improvements in California. "My favorite project involved efforts to preserve the rugged Santa Rosa Mountains south of Palm Springs. A land rich in Native American cultural sites, Bighorn Sheep and natural palm oases, this wilderness faced a series of development threats. Working with landowners, avid environmentalists and the local Native American tribe over a 25 year period resulted in two major developments being stopped and over 108 square miles of property being acquired, including the famed Indian canyons."

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