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FASLA Henry F. Arnold 1999

Henry Arnold

University: Pennsylvania State University

Degree: BLA

Graduation year: 1949

Firms: Office of Dan Kelly Singapore Ministry of National Development Arnold Associates Urban Design Studio, Pratt Institute Urban Forestry Short Course Lectures, Rutgers University Urban Design Studio, University of Pennsylvania

ASLA Election Date (year): 1999

ASLA Contributions:
Chair on the New Jersey Chapter Design Awards in 1987
Secretary of the New Jersey Chapter in 1989
Chair on the New Jersey Chapter Political Action Task Force in 1999

Categories: Works of Landscape Architecture

Nominated By: New Jersey Chapter

Chapter: New Jersey

Upon Graduating from Pennsylvania State University Henry F. Arnold focused on landscape architecture in urban settings. Through working diligently and with extreme focus Henry Arnold became very successful in this. Through his career Arnold has been recognized for his contributions to society and the landscaping community with numerous and prestige awards. Such awards include the Design Arts Grant Awards, awarded by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, 1991 Honor Award, awarded by the Waterfront Center, Washington, D. C., and several more. His life's work was further recognized when he was inducted as a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects in 1999.

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