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FASLA Robert Uhlig, 2017


FASLA Robert Uhlig, inducted 2017

Firm: Halvorson Design Partnership, Inc., Boston

ASLA Election Year: 2017

Category: Works

Robert Uhlig, of Halvorson Design Partnership, received his nomination for 'Works' from the Boston Society. Robert is a dedicated civic practitioner, design leader and thoughtful collaborator. His tenet that powerful design transforms and inspires communities is exemplified in Greensboro Center City Park, in his design and planning of Boston's Seaport and the award-winning South Boston Maritime Park. His commitment to the integration of artful design is evident in the detailing at the Lakewood Cemetery Garden Mausoleum. His passion for stewardship based on natural systems is an integral part of his design and planning projects. His innovative work for Boston Architectural College's green alley storm water harvesting is considered a model for urban academic campuses, and has positioned the BAC as a leader in sophisticated sustainability.

As seen in LASN magazine, October 2017, Fellows.

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