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For this Williamsburg, Virginia project, Mid Atlantic had to clear-cut the entire backyard and remove more than 3,000 cubic yards of earth. To accommodate the elevation changes of the property and support the ADA compliant ramp, workers constructed two walls using Rediscapes Wall Block. The project took six workers 10 weeks to complete (2,400 man-hours).

For the Fencing, Walls and Gates issue, LC/DBM showcases 13 fence, wall and gate projects from across the nation. From privacy walls to boundary walls; to retaining walls and those that aid in erosion control; to privacy fencing and the classic white picket fence, the materials used in these projects vary as much as the projects themselves.

Mid Atlantic Enterprise, Inc.
This Williamsburg, Virginia project presented several challenges for the designers at Mid Atlantic Enterprise, which they addressed by designing the project with strategically placed walls. The property featured dramatic elevation changes that needed to be retained in order to meet the client's entire outdoor living wish list.
The team at Mid Atlantic was able to solve both of these challenges using a Rediscapes wall system. One wall serves as both a freestanding and retaining wall.
It was specially constructed on a large concrete footer and reinforced with rebar and concrete. The other wall serves strictly as a retaining wall to accommodate the upper yard area. Between both of these walls, the team constructed an ADA-compliant ramp so the homeowner, a disabled veteran, could easily access his entire outdoor living space.
The contractor built a decorative black aluminum fence on top of the retaining wall in order to provide a safe, grassy area for the client's children to play.

Garrett Churchill, Inc.
This Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania fence project challenged Garrett Churchill, Inc. to deliver a very specific goal. According to contractor Andy Sykes, "The client requested a fence and gate with an Asian or Japanese theme, so bamboo came to mind immediately. The house itself has a contemporary feel inside and out, so the fence needed to blend with the Japanese theme of the garden and the contemporary theme of the house."

Scotland Yards
Located in Wilmette, Illinois, this Scotland Yards fence project was designed and built to separate the residence's backyard and driveway. The contractor used regionally sourced stone from Wisconsin, called Eden's Stone.

For this project in Charlotte, Vermont, Landshapes created terraces with stone staircases to allow access to the back, and provide additional outdoor living space. The back bluestone patio incorporates a recessed hot tub and a gas fire pit.
According to the contractor, "They were essential in working with the site's extreme grade change between the front and the back."

Classic Nursery and Landscape Company
A Classic Nursery and Landscape Company project in Redmond, Washington, was based around the site of a fully remodeled home filled will fallen timber, invasive non-native plants, overgrown native plants and green debris from the home's expansion.
The homeowners wanted open lawn spaces for their kids to play in, as well as to open up views around home to surrounding native areas.
The contractor repurposed fallen logs and rocks to create a unique play space for children. They added native planting beds surrounding the house, crushed rock paths, flagstone patio and mini-vegetable garden. The major challenge, according to the contractor, was that "the access road getting to the house was extremely narrow. Trucks and heavy-equipment were a challenge each time simply getting to the site."

Mark Ambtman
For this Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania project, landscape contractor Mark Ambtman was presented with an open backyard canvas. The homeowner wanted a private and intimate space, an extension of their indoor living areas. The challenge was to create an "enclosed space," without "closing the space."
According to the contractor, "It was important to be inclusive of the natural environment behind the home, as 'nature' is typically limited in an urban environment like this." To complement the area, the contractor added a natural gas fire-table, built-in and moveable seating, low-maintenance plants, and lighting.

Greenstate Landscaping
This project was installed in the rear yard of an older home in Lumberton, North Carolina. The client had already installed the pool, pool filters, and surrounding concrete, and was eager to upgrade the area. The neighbor behind had a chain link fence with mature plant materials, attractive from their side but not for Greenstate's client. The homeowner asked for a "Zen-like" feel around the pool. They had a six-foot tall solid brick fence on one side, but the total rear property had a four-foot chain link fence.
Air movement and more privacy for the pool and spa area were the client's two top concerns. There was also an elevation issue where the pool concrete area was installed.
A flimsy black plastic edging held back six inches of soil, and several inches were exposed from the finished level of existing concrete. The narrowness of the area was the hardest obstacle to giving the client air movement but also privacy.
Workers mounted the panels on top of the timber wall and secured the stakes into the timber wall's rear side. To stabilize the tops of the panels, they screwed rectangular metal plates adjoining two panels together on the rear side. They installed 18 panels total. The project took two workers eight hours to install.

Borst Landscape & Design
Located in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, this Borst Landscape & Design project features colonial bluestone and a classic-looking picket fence to reflect the traditional character of the home's architecture. The natural stone walls accent the landscape while serving as a protective barrier. To accommodate the back yard's severe grade, the contractor staggered the wall into sections.
The contractor installed hand chiseled and hand set natural colonial bluestone. To create the classic picket fence look without the maintenance issues associated with painted wood, the company chose maintenance-free vinyl material.

Basnight Land & Lawn
Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, this Basnight Land & Lawn project challenged the landscape contractor to accommodate the desires of both homeowners by creating one cohesive design in an area that had two separate uses.
The pool provided a space for the husband to play volleyball while his wife could entertain in a garden. Basnight had limited space, which meant carefully planning every detail. The major challenge, according to the contractor: "Access was a major issue, and a lot of the footing material had to be pumped into the backyard."

McCabe's Nursery & Landscape, Inc.
McCabe's Nursery & Landscape, Inc. was contracted to add fences and a series of separation walls and retaining walls for this Murrieta, California home. This project included installation of concrete block with stucco walls, a small patio on the center terrace, colored and stamped concrete staircases on either side of the small patio, installation of an insulated alumawood patio cover, construction of a 30-foot outdoor BBQ island, a fire pit table, a two-foot tall wall running down the side of property to create a new planter, installation of large colored and stamped concrete patio, installation of grass and plantings throughout front and rear yard.
Additionally, artificial turf was installed for a low-maintenance green space. Plantings were installed as well as a gray stamped concrete patio.

Precision Landscape & Irrigation
Located on 400 acres, this Dalton, Minnesota Precision Landscape & Irrigation project challenged the contractor to install a retaining wall/fence for safety, ease and speed of mowing, and aesthetic purposes.
The major challenge of the project was getting the correct compaction for the base. The elevation differences were another challenge, as there was a nine-foot difference from the highest point on the base to the lowest point. They also had to add to the embankment to work around a mature oak root system, which created a potential for erosion problems along with compaction. Combinations of erosion control blankets and hydroseeding alleviated those issues. The fence on top was constructed using County Materials summit block (1520 block) in Tuscany color. The contractor also used 450 bullet pavers, 15 yards of mulch, 1,500 square feet of geo-grid, 72 28-ounce tubes of glue, and 2,640 square feet of woven stabilization fabric (300-pound tensile strength).
They laid in more than 75 yards of class V/road base, 60 yards of 1-inch angled rock for base and drainage behind the wall, 400 feet of 4-inch perforated drain tile, 3,000 square feet of erosion control blanket and 1,500 square yards of hydroseeding.

This Realm gate project in Tucson, Arizona, takes originality to a whole new level. As described by the contractor, "(It's) an aggressive industrial aesthetic (which) added safety to a highly usable yard inside." A residential project within a predominately commercial neighborhood, the gate took one week to fabricate and one day to install.
The major challenge, according to Realm, was having the client sign off on an additional waiver of liability due to the extreme nature of the materials used.

Sunrise Landscape + Design
Sunrise Landscape + Design was contracted by St. Anne's Episcopal Church in Reston, Virginia, to create a Memorial Garden on a sloped hill.
The client had a general concept of what they were looking for, but left the exact design, size, scope and product choices up to the Sunrise team. The company specified Techo-Bloc Monumental segmental retaining wall product to make the transition from a large concrete face of the building to the natural setting alongside, and convey a sense of permanence.
Monumental is a large block, with the base units weighing over 1,140 pounds each. The contractor lost numerous days due to the winter weather, which often left the site slippery and unworkable. Another obstacle that they had to overcome was a significant amount of underground drain tile that no one associated with the project had any knowledge of. For the softscape, the company used native plant material, and built an access path to the parking lot using large Pennsylvania fieldstone steppers.

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