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NEW YORK - The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) and Port Authority of New York & New Jersey announced early in February that the field of World Trade Center site design concepts under consideration had been narrowed to two -- a design by Studio Daniel Libeskind and a design called World Cultural Center, developed by THINK. Representatives of the LMDC, Port Authority, State and City reached a consensus on the two design concepts after reviewing extensive analysis and public comment. On February 26, 2003 the Libeskind Design was chosen by the LMDC for the World Trade Center site. As a finalist it had to meet the following criteria: A single design concept addressing underlying transportation, infrastructure and land use; ultimately providing a core vision for the future of the World Trade Center site. The design concept will be further refined and modified in response to further analysis and public comment. On December 18, 2002, nine designs for the site were released. Each design was subjected to rigorous analysis based on a combination of factors, including feasibility, context for the memorial, phasing and public comment collected during an unprecedented outreach campaign, "Plans in Progress." Although all of the designs had many positive elements, the THINK and Libeskind design concepts best satisfied the criteria. LMDC Chairman John C. Whitehead said, "The design teams have made a major civic contribution above and beyond what was asked of them. Every one of these architects and designers is a winner for helping to shape the public debate over the future of Lower Manhattan. After holding numerous public hearings in the boroughs and in New Jersey and listening to many constituencies and organizations, it was a difficult task to choose which design approaches offer the greatest potential - not only for today, but for generations to come." The complete LMDC analysis of the Libeskind and THINK designs can be seen in the March 2003 issue of LASN.

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