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Finding Organic Solutions to Weed Problems
Post-Emergent Selective Herbicide Eradicates Weeds

Amy Dube, Growing Trends Marketing


Halo™ post-emergent selective herbicide represents the application of modern technology to natural products, effective on a broad range of weeds.
Photo Credits: Tech Terra Environmental


Tech Terra Environmental owner Barry Draycott holds a New Jersey pesticide applicator license. Here he's shown applying Halo, a minimum risk pesticide. It's compliant with EPA 25b, approved by the National Organic Program with OMRI listing pending.
Photo Credits: Tech Terra Environmental


Draycott has spoken several times at industry events on soil health and minimum risk pesticides. He is an approved organic land care provider and is a founding member of the working group that developed the Rutgers Organic Landcare Certificate Course. For more information visit
Photo Credits: Tech Terra Environmental

It doesn't matter if you are running a conventional, hybrid or organic lawn care program; weeds are always the number one complaint from customers. In all cases, the best defense is to develop a dense healthy turf which will crowd out weeds.

While there are many herbicides available for conventional lawn care there are few options for the organic practitioner. Tech Terra Environmental added a new organic herbicide this year which met organic certifications. It's perfect for use on school grounds, parks, residential and commercial properties.

ICT Organics HALO™ is a patented corn steep liquor based selective post-emergent. It controls dandelions, clover, plantain, annual bluegrass, several grassy weeds (except crabgrass) without harming cool or warm season turf.

Barry Draycott graduated with honors from Ramapo College of New Jersey with a degree in Environmental Studies in 1980. His career in the green industry has spanned over three decades. Most of this time was devoted to the care of trees and shrubs while employed as plant health care manager at several prominent companies. He currently holds NJ Pesticide Applicator License for Turf and Woody Ornamentals.

After many years of relying solely on pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, he re-evaluated these treatments and began experimenting with natural products such as worm castings, aerated compost tea, organic fertilizers and EPA exempt pesticides.

In 2006, Draycott founded Tech-Terra Organics, located in Mt Laurel, N.J. The company implemented natural treatment programs for turf and ornamentals on residential and commercial properties in New Jersey and supplied natural fertilizers and pesticides to the landscape industry.

In 2011, Draycott reorganized the company as Tech Terra Environmental in order to focus exclusively as a supplier of environmentally sound products for the landscape industry. Its plant health care system is a balanced approach which concentrates on sound cultural controls, improving soil health and the judicious use of pesticides.

This system is now being successfully implemented by many landscape and lawn care companies throughout the Northeast and Midwest. The results they have seen are healthy landscape plants, increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

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