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Fire-Prevention Landscaping Tips
Colorado Landscaping Can Affect the Spread of Wildfires


Some plants and landscaping features offer more of a fire threat than others, causing undue danger in states with a high wildfire risk like Colorado. Simple changes and precautions can help protect properties from unwanted sparks.

As 14 active wildfires rage in Colorado, forestlands and outlying areas are at risk of succumbing to flames. Suburban properties and communities that border natural open spaces are in particular danger of spreading wildfires.
To combat this threat, the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) have collected information from foresters, landscape companies and academic institutions in order to guide homeowners and landscapers in protecting their landscapes from the spread of wildfires. They advise:

o Spacing plants a safe distance from each other to prevent fire from "jumping" from plant to plant
o Removing flammable debris such as dead trees and shrubs
o Planting fire-resistant plants that retain moisture like lavender and geranium
o Creating "defensible spaces" with pavers, bricks and concrete

These tips can make a landscape difficult to ignite, helping to protect a property from wildfire, whether it is located in Colorado or any other state susceptible to dryness and fire. Learn more at

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October 13, 2019, 6:44 pm PDT

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