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Firms & Projects: Edwards Landscape architecture & Garden Design

Chuck B. Edwards runs a small, residential-oriented design firm in Boise, Idaho. Edwards has been in business since 1999 and enjoys tailoring designs for specific property owners. "I'd rather work with the owner than the architect," he says. "That way I find out exactly what they want and there's less chance of any confusion over the final result." Edwards designs mostly in the Boise-Eagle (Idaho) area but does some work in communities like Baker City, Ore., and McCall, Idaho, to the west and north, respectively.

What sets them apart

Chuck Edwards works with clients on a person-to-person basis, meeting, interviewing and reviewing options before settling on a unique design. He has found a niche with property owners in small developments and custom-built homes around the Boise area. Edwards says experience has taught him that every client is different--with some liking xeriscaping--others preferring lots of water, for example. Communication with clients is a trademark of his business.

Project: Department of Law Enforcement Memorial Plaza

Memorial Plaza

The memorial plaza covers the grounds of a memorial for Idaho law-enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Planners told Edwards about elements they had in mind, including a wide, wheelchair-accessible entrance, picnic area and a gallery of fallen officers complete with photos. The landscaping work was finished by Howard Landscape & Nursery in 2000.

Memorial Plaza

Project: The Asbell residence

Asbell Residence

The design of the Asbell residence was tailored for this home backing a manmade lake in the Two Rivers subdivision in Eagle. This ambitious design includes a total of eight manmade waterfalls that frame views out of the home's lakeview windows. "The clients loved water," Edwards recalls today. Other elements include Arizona flagstone patios, a stream and small beach.

Project: The Cole residence

Cole Residence

On this residential project, Edwards included a recirculating spillway system that gives homeowners "the sound and visual benefits of a waterfall without the maintenance and safety issues of owning a pond." Canada red chokecherry was chosen for its all-season performance, which includes fragrant summer blossoms and more bird-friendly purple flowers in autumn. Other elements include a stamped concrete patio with table-rock sandstone walls and a built-in barbeque.

Cole Residence

Project: The Peck residence

Peck Residence

The Peck residence is located in Boise's Hidden Springs development, which requires owners to maintain wrought-iron (see-through) fences. Edwards selected Deodar cedars and broadleaf evergreen varieties to create privacy. Other choices included cedar-of-lebanon, flame maiden grass, winter box gumwood and a grape vine on a trellis.

Project: The Pannell residence

Pannell Residence

At the Pannell residence, Edwards chose a catalpa tree to provide shade on a sunny, northeast-facing patio where summer heat was a problem. He selected Basalite's Country Cobble for the patio hardscape.

Other elements included lavender, Kelsey dogwood and flowering crabapple.

Principal: Chuck B. Edwards, ASLA
Employees: Two additional, non-design employees.

Specialty: Edwards concentrates on landscape design for medium-to-large single-family homes. He likes to give clients lots of information on how plants will perform--both through the seasons and as the trees and shrubs mature over the years and decades. Lately Edwards has been experimenting with waterfalls and other pump-driven water features.

Expertise: Chuck Edwards is known around the Boise area for his client- and site-specific approach to landscape architecture. He puts extra time into the interviewing stage of the process, supplying homeowners and other clients with exhaustively-compiled lists of plants that include flowing schedules by season and the amount of growth clients can expect over time. Over the past two years, more of Edwards' efforts have gone into the design of waterfalls, ponds and streams. "Water features are the big thing right now," Edwards says.

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