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First 100 Percent Recyclable Playground Surfacing

PlayBase’s multi-layered playground surfacing offers safety for children and sustainability for the environment.
Photo: Brock International

Brock International, a provider of performance base systems for synthetic turf and Shaw Industries, a synthetic turf manufacturer recently made a joint effort to create a safe yet environment friendly base for playground surfaces.

“We’ve leveraged all of our proven expertise with injury prevention, performance and sustainability in athletic fields to improve the safety of children’s playgrounds with our environmentally-friendly technology,” said Dan Sawyer, CEO of Brock International.  “Partnering with Shaw Industries has allowed us to offer the only truly sustainable playground pad and turf system available together in the market.”

This is the first 100 percent recyclable base system engineered for playground surfaces and it is designed not only to provide shock absorption, but also drainage under both artificial turf and rubber mulch.

PlayBase is an interlocking panel system made from 100 percent pure polypropylene. The panels can be re-used, or easily recycled to begin their next life as a quality, durable material with minimal use of additional energy or waste.

Although PlayBase has just been launched in the US, it can found in more than 500 playgrounds at schools, parks and other outdoor recreational areas throughout Europe.

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November 13, 2019, 7:14 pm PDT

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