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First Solar Powered Marriott Hotel in History
Located in Lancaster Pennsylvania

First Solar Powered Marriott Hotel in History

The Courtyard by Marriott in Lancaster, Pa., became the first ever Marriott hotel to be powered entirely by solar energy. Around 2,700 solar panels were installed about half a mile away from the hotel, on a large industrial building, allowing the hotel to be 100 percent solar powered.

A new real-time meter was installed in the hotel's lobby that allows visitors and staff to see how much energy the solar panels are providing at any one time.

High Hotels Ltd. installed the panels and they span over two football fields, equating to 135,200 square feet. According to, this is believed to be the first solar array in the country installed for the sole purpose of generating 100 percent of the electricity needs of a hotel.

The panels will produce 1,239,000 kilowatts an hour of power for the 133-room hotel, which consumes 1,177,000 kWh. It is reported that any excess power produced by the solar panels will be sold to the local utility company.

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