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Today EDSA is a full-service planning, landscape architectural, urban design and graphic design firm with 45 years of experience. The firm is widely recognized for its work in attractions and entertainment, campus and cultural planning, community planning, environmental planning and ecotourism, hotels and resorts and urban design.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, EDSA has offices in Orlando, Los Angeles, Beijing and Baltimore.

EDSA's history is built on a commitment to their clients, team and vision. The firm has been creating sound, vibrant and sustainable environments since 1960, when Edward D. Stone, Jr. founded the firm in Fort Lauderdale, the current corporate headquarters.

EDSA's early days included a portfolio of community, campus and urban projects in the United States. Work soon expanded to the Middle East, Europe and South America in the 1970s where EDSA entered the hotel and resort market. In 1980, EDSA not only commissioned yet another type of work in attractions and entertainment, but also expanded its presence in Florida with the opening of an Orlando office.

As the 1990s launched heightened sensitivity to consumer and environmental demands, EDSA helped launch ecotourism by integrating tourism and nature. This brought forth yet another market for EDSA which represents the full range of sectors that is still strong and present today. By the year 2000, EDSA had established an office in Los Angeles, solidified relationships with a number of major clients in all sectors and produced work on five continents.

In the 21st century, the firm has already further branded itself as industry experts and leaders by acquiring a water-feature engineering firm to form EDSACloward and entering into a joint venture in China--EDSAOrient. Less than two years ago, EDSA expanded once again with an office opening in Baltimore and continues to demonstrate the balance between innovation and creativity that has established such a visible presence. The firm's multi-national staff now represents 30 countries and its strong commitment to growth will continue in the years to come.

Nature and Culture Center

Nature and Culture Center

The Florida Nature and Culture Center

Located in Broward County, Fla., this 120-acre campus retreat facility was designed with the purpose of stimulating interaction among people to understand our shared humanity. Since its opening in 1996, the Florida Nature and Culture Center has become a major facility for lectures, seminars, religious retreats and international, cultural, and educational exchanges. Amenities include a 20-acre man-made lake, conference center, auditorium, reception hall, community center and dining facilities. Dormitories and guest residences also contribute to the project's success by allowing for a large number of visitors to live on the campus while attending retreats. Restored wetlands surrounding the lake, live oak trees and sabal palms native to the Florida landscape are used to create a serene environment and promote a refreshing spirit. EDSA provided concept generation, construction implementation, initial master plan concepts, roadway and parking layout, hardscaping, site furnishings, exterior lighting, and landscape design services for this project.

Disney's Old Key West Resort

Disney's Old Key West Resort

Disney's Old Key West Resort

A resort community of brilliant green landscapes themed with the romance and adventure of Key West during the days of Ernest Hemmingway, the resort is positioned on approximately 70 acres and is located between EPCOT Center and the Disney Village Marketplace in Orlando. The site consists of 498 vacation club units with naturalistic views located in 46 guest villas built around (and through) an existing 18-hole golf course. Other amenities include a central pool area with three neighborhood pools, tennis courts, main clubhouse, themed commercial center, and a recreational marina with a canal that allows guests to travel to neighboring resorts and retail centers via watercraft.

The project was built in three phases. Each phase added guest villas and amenities to the main arrival sequence and sales center. EDSA provided master planning, site design, construction documents, and construction administration services for this project.

River Park Center Patio

The River Park Center Patio Expansion

A catalyst for improving quality of life in the community by creating an environment that embraces public open space and recreation, the goal of the project was to enhance the character and functionality of an existing outdoor performance venue by increasing seating capacity while taking advantage of views to the Ohio River. The 12,000-square-foot patio triples the size of the original terrace and has intricate geometric design details inlayed in contrasting concrete materials. EDSA was presented with an Award of Merit for the RiverPark Center Patio Expansion from the Kentucky Chapter of ASLA. The project was part of a functional and realistic master plan EDSA created for downtown Owensboro which spans approximately 1.4 miles along the southern edge of the Ohio River, including the downtown, residential neighborhoods and major civic open spaces. The Owensboro Riverfront Development Master Plan, also an award winner, is intended to create a renaissance in downtown Owensboro.

University Family Center

The Nova Southeastern University Family Center Village

Including holistic design elements such as intimate spaces and natural light that create a colorful and functional outdoor learning environment for one of the nation's top ten private nonprofit universities, the village design integrates buildings and landscapes providing engaging "play" places. As the campus master plan architects, EDSA was challenged with providing a site for the family center village. The concept is based on learning cottages that promote engaging the indoor/outdoor environments. Classrooms have been juxtaposed to outdoor playgrounds that relate to playgrounds for specific age groups. Components of the village include an interactive fountain, a transparent plexiglass painting wall, colorful rubber surfaces and a themed country village playground. The Nova Southeastern University Family Center Village recently received an Award of Honor from the Florida Chapter of ASLA.

The EDSA Philosophy

EDSA's array of services include pre-development project management, land use programming and planning, site analysis and evaluation, project evaluation/renovation, development feasibility and cost/benefit analysis and detailed site design. Their services are extended to the fields of architecture, engineering, traffic planning, social sciences, ecology, and economic research by collaborating with outside experts.

EDSA has the resources to deliver services while managing complex planning and design challenges in domestic and global markets in both the public and private sector. The firm strives to meet the client's expectations while steadfastly adhering to project schedules and budgets. EDSA draws upon their expertise to remain aware of the whole while mindful of the importance of each element--while keeping the client involved at every point in the project.


EDSA's presence and reputation for excellence rests on the success of their designs. The firm's commitment has resulted in a long list of clients and numerous awards. Over 100 of EDSA's projects here in the United States and abroad have received a total of 205 awards to date. The Florida Nature and Culture Center has been recognized by the American Society of Landscape Architects/Florida Chapter, Florida Design Arts, Florida Native Plant Society and Broward Beautiful. For Disney's Old Key West Resort, EDSA has received awards from American Resort Developers Association (ARDA), American Society of Landscape Architects/Florida Chapter, Florida Nurserymen and Growers Association (FNGA) and an Aurora Award. Many other organizations including the American Planning Association (APA), American Association of Nurserymen, City of Fort Lauderdale Community Appearance, Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, Waterfront Center and Broward Beautiful have recognized a variety of EDSA projects.

Staff: EDSA is led by a team of 12 partner-principals, including founder Edward D. Stone, Jr., managing principal Joe Lalli, David Armbruster, Douglas Coolman, John Miller, Bob Behling, Bob Dugan, Doug Smith, Rich Centolella, Marco Larrea, Paul D. Kissinger and Bill Renner along with 180 planners, landscape architects, engineers, graphic designers and support personnel.

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