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Free Online Pollinator Class
Offered by Michigan Statue University

image covered the 2017-2018 Honey Bee Colony Report which relayed the downward trend of honeybee colonies. In order to combat the decline in pollinator population and spread knowledge on how to promote pollinators, MSU created the free, online "Pollinator Champions" class.

A new online course, called "Pollinator Champions," is being offered for free by Michigan Statue University (MSU). It is a self-paced class that includes videos, articles and activities that aim to teach the enrollee all about the world of pollinators and pollination.

The class was created by the Michigan Pollinator Initiative, an organization that "addresses current and future issues related to bees, other pollinators and pollination in Michigan."

Their mission is to "develop a coordinated research, education, extension, and policy driven effort to address priority issues related to pollinators and pollination."

"Pollinator Champions" will cover four major topics during the course: why care about pollinators, who pollinators are, what is happening with pollinators and how you can help pollinators. A more comprehensive break down of these four units can be seen on the Pollinator Champions website. You can register for the class from this site as well.

Additionally, while the class is free, for a small fee you can become an "Official Pollinator Champion" and receive a certificate in addition to materials to help you give presentations about pollinators to local organizations.

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