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From Surveys to Search Engines, Things are Looking Up . . .
George Schmok, Publisher

Wow - Summer is almost over, or at least it will be by the time you read this . . . Hope you had a good one!

According to preliminary results from the LC/DBM Annual Survey, most of you did have a good summer with your business and are having a solid year as well. In fact, so far, 70% of you have seen growth this year, with 22% at least staying the same and with only 8% saying that business was slower this year.

To me that's a good sign. Especially since two days ago the Dow crashed about 800 points (Today it was up more than 600 points . . . Whew . . .).

Being that we are in the midst of collecting the survey data, and with a Big Thanks! to those who spent the time to complete the survey, it is appropriate that this is one of the two issues this year with an emphasis on the maintenance side of things, since more than 63% of you indicated that you or your company offers maintenance services.

While LC/DBM focuses mostly on the installation side of the business, we have frequent conversations about including more editorial about the maintenance side. It's just too hard to ignore that kind of number. And since so many of LC/DBM's readers are owners or have a stake in the company (and since LC/DBM is known as the primary source for products, manufacturers and vendors), we decided to put together an issue looking at the tools, technology and equipment innovations that might affect your business in the months and years ahead.

And speaking about products, manufacturers and vendors . . . Have you seen the new Product Search Engine at

There is a new interactive Keyword Search for product types and company names. If the keyword doesn't match or produces too much info, there is also a 'Preset' search with more than 700 preset categories for you to choose from.

In the search, you will find every product shown in this issue as well as about 15,000 other products ranging from Full Size Loaders to Fountains, Irrigation to Hardscapes, and from Erosion Control to Garden Art. Oh yeah . . . The search also locates about 5,000 nurseries and wholesale outlets across the country.

Virtually all the advertisers in LC/DBM, its sister publication, Landscape Architect and Specifier News, and exhibitors in the two Landscape Expos (about 800 manufacturers and suppliers, in all) have a complete profile in the Search engine, letting you find a product or vendor, do a quick look at their profile and product lines and then click directly to that vendor's website and/or directly to the page with the product you are looking for. In other words, LandscapeOnline's Interactive Product Search has just about everything a landscape professional would need to complete almost any kind of task . . . It's pretty cool . . . You should check it out.

With that said . . . While you are reading this most likely in the fall, I am writing this with a bit of summer yet ahead of me . . . So thanks again to those of you who completed the Annual Survey. You really do make a difference in what you read in these pages. And please let us know how you like our coverage of the maintenance side in this issue, and what we can do to make the magazine even more useful to you as a Landscape Business Owner . . .

Hope to see you all at one of the trade shows this season . . .

God Bless,

George Schmok, Publisher

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November 19, 2019, 10:19 pm PDT

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