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From The Publisher November 1996 You know, with deadlines and all . . . and with Trade Show Season in full swing, I find myself writing my third pub's column in 5 weeks and there is so much happening I have to be sure not to write about last weeks news. - The Election results are beginning to be tallied . . . Of course, by now we know who won that other election, although, as I write, all I'm sure of is that Registered Landscape Architects are voting about 48% to 40 % for Clinton. The Election I was talking about was the LASN ballot, (LASN September '96) on the direction and effectiveness of the ASLA. Those are the ballots that are pouring in. Staff is predicting the possibility of this being the greatest response from the profession in the history of LASN surveys. The respondents are primarily Registered Landscape Architects (about 95.83%) from all across the country (virtually every state), with an equal mix of current, past and non-ASLA members . The results are becoming very clear that the #1 Priority of the ASLA is supposed to be reaching the public, but when asked to rate the ASLA's performance in reaching the public, there has yet to be an "excellent" rating recorded, only 5% rate the ASLA better than "Fair" with two-thirds checking "Poor" or "Terrible". The final results will be published in the December "Yearbook." - The ASLA annual meeting came to Los Angeles, media capital of the Western Pacific, and was a quiet success. The Seminars, et al. were well presented, and heavily attended by LASN' editors, Associate editors and staff ( LASN's entourage included Kay Tiller, David Linstrum, Scott Weinberg, Len Browning, Heather Duvall, Lorraine Thinnes, Dick Marshall, Jennifer Knowles, Kimberley Layne and Nathan Alexander; see mast head to right for their official LASN titles.) While we did see quite a few ASLA friends and familiar faces, the Exhibit Hall was lightly attended . . . with an awful lot of students, mediocre local attendance and very few professionals from outside the society. (Re-read paragraph four . . .) Of course, Pete Kirsch pretty much told LASN it did not need any help in promoting the show, but I do wish he would have sought someone's help. This was a great opportunity for the profession . . . . Sounds like a broken record . . . I still say it's simply a matter of focus, but hey . . . just 'cause most of you seem to agree, why should the National Exec's care? - A shining light is ASLA's Stan Bowman who seems motivated, focused and informed on licensure matters. As ASLA's Director of Governmental Affairs, Stan shows the potential to provide leadership in bringing the profession to a unified front in the battle for state registration. - About licensure . . . there was a great meeting 10/16/96 where five separate agendas were put on the table in the Californian Battle. The next step, which must be done fairly quickly, is to take the best from each, argue the points, and develop a unified statement of intent and strategy. As indicated in Paragraph One, this is an unusual situation, so for now you'll have to access Landscape On-line to get the news item from this meeting, with an outline of each group's input. If you want a say in the matter, you need to act right away. - For the record . . . I agree with Don Craig that the first order of business is to introduce the "Spot-Bills" and solidify the existence of the license. And although I've been told by the "Politburo" that the public's opinion has virtually no bearing on the outcome, my strategy is still to get to the Public! - So . . . Now it's off to Kansas City for the NRPA Show, and then on to San Antonio for the IA Show. Of course, by the time you read this, I'll be back at home, sipping on a soda, resting my feet and gearing up for another great year in the Land of Landscape Architects. It was great to see you all, have a wonderful holiday season and look for LASN in 1997! We'll be there with flying colors . . . . Until next month . . . . this is EarthManX logging off . . .

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