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Growing Need for Landscape Expertise


More and more Landscape Architects indicate there is a growing need for therapeutic gardens in public spaces. Although there are a wealth of therapeutic gardens in existence, they are mainly found in private settings, such as hospitals, senior communities and Alzheimer's patients' residences.

"We tend to think of therapeutic gardens mostly in hospitals," explained Jack Carman, ASLA, of Medford, New Jersey-based Design for Generations. "But now we are trying to think of them for more uses in other environments." Yet much of the public who might benefit from this proven therapy does not currently have access to it. These groups include Alzheimer's patients, the visually impaired, and the mentally ill.

Landscape Architects-- both ASLA members and non-members-- and other design professionals who are interested in forming a new professional interest group on therapeutic gardens may contact Carman at

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June 18, 2019, 6:42 pm PDT

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