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Gas Prices Effecting Landscape Contractor

Experts are somewhat divided on whether gas prices will rise or fall, but historically gas prices always go up.

Landscape contractors who depend heavily on fuel say the high gas prices are cutting into their bottom line. ''We're going to have 20 crews out doing landscaping and landscaping construction work starting in the next few days,'' said President of Pro Scapes, Rick Kier.

But as business picks up, so do operating costs and gas is one of the biggest. ''It affects our people. It affects all of our jobs...calculating the cost of fuel and factoring that in the jobs we're bidding,'' Kier continued. Last year, the company spent more than $100,000 in gas. With the rising fuel prices, their bottom line could affect your wallet.

''A lot of our work is under multi-year contract, so that work is being affected because we have fuel surcharges that goes into that work, so we're forced to pass those expenses onto our customers as well,'' Kier said.

Using GPS To Conserve Gas Usage

1. Track Your Fleet. GPS fleet trackers keep a close eye on where company trucks are going, and can provide an analysis of which vehicles drink too much gas. Identify which trucks (and their drivers) are the least efficient; determine the cause and address the problem. Implement employee policies that reduce wasteful driving.

2. Analyze how much fuel each piece of equipment (trucks, gas-mowers, etc.) uses and replace the older, less efficient equipment with more fuel-efficient high-tech equipment when the cost benefit tips in your favor.

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May 26, 2019, 3:14 pm PDT

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