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SEF94 small engine fuel comes with a 4-cycle blend as well as volume packaging options. In addition to quarts, it's available in 5-gallon pails, as well as 30- and 54-gallon drums. These quantities likely to appeal to commercial users including landscapers, golf courses, parks and recreation departments and others. Courtesy of VP Racing Fuels

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SAN ANTONIO--VP Racing Fuels announced the introduction of SEFTM94 Small Engine Fuel, designed to combat ethanol-related problems in portable gasoline-powered equipment including chain saws, generators, blowers, trimmers, lawnmowers and more.

The small engine fuel is available in three versions to meet virtually any manufacturers' specifications -an unleaded gasoline for 4-cycle engines and two versions pre-mixed with oil (40:1 and 50:1) for 2-cycle applications. SEF94 also is the only fuel available in four container sizes--quart containers, 5-gallon pails, and 30- and 54-gallon drums for high volume users. Each SEF94 blend is ready-to-use, with the 2-cycle pre-mix versions requiring no measuring, mixing or mess-just pour it in!

As a solvent, ethanol frees up the gunk in fuel tanks and engines that can clog carburetors and fuel lines. The size of a small engine exaggerates this effect, as smaller fuel lines and smaller components are more quickly compromised by these deposits.

When equipment is stored for lengthy periods, e.g., lawnmowers during winter or snowblowers during summer, the ethanol absorbs moisture and separates from the gasoline yielding insufficient lubrication for the engine. This also degrades rubber fuel lines and plastic components in the fuel system.

''The net result is hard starts or no start, often requiring expensive rebuilds or replacement,'' said Steve Burns, VP's President and CEO. ''The problem is only going to get worse, as the EPA continues to increase the amount of ethanol allowed in street gas. Many people try to address this issue with fuel stabilizers but they're inadequate.''

''Our new SEF94 Small Engine Fuel contains no ethanol, making it a much more dependable and cost effective solution,'' said Burns. ''Unlike fuel stabilizers that can't fix all the problems related to ethanol, SEF94 prevents ethanol-related problems in the first place.''

''SEF94 contains other additives with unique properties that keep it stable for extended periods, allowing quick starts even after equipment sits idle for many months. SEF94 will remain stable up to three years in its original sealed container and can remain in the fuel tank of gas-powered equipment through the off-season and beyond with no negative impacts on fuel systems.''

- Courtesy of VP Racing Fuels

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October 15, 2019, 5:03 am PDT

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