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Golf, Tennis, and Basketball: Turn Up The Backyard Fun

Tour Greens synthetic grass putting greens and VersaCourt tile systems make it easy to create unique recreational areas for residents and facility managers.

Tour Greens:Quality Synthetic Golf Greens
Imagine being able to practice your golf game in your own backyard - not just putting, but your entire short game. With Tour Greens you can.

Custom Design: Every Tour Greens installation is built to exact specifications producing the most attractive, high-performing practice surface available anywhere. Tour Greens' revolutionary sand in-filled synthetic grass system looks and reacts just like a real grass putting green, but without the daily maintenance. Green speeds and contours are engineered to your preference for challenging play or practice, providing feedback that will truly improve your game. The Tour Greens design team and certified dealers will work to design the best golf green for your particular environment, application, and budget.

Putting Greens: Tour Greens short game greens and putting greens utilize innovative synthetic turf fibers and our proprietary RQS(TM) Infill System to bring the look and feel of a PGA Tour golf course to your backyard, practice facility, or resort. With the appearance sand playability of a natural bent grass putting surface, a Tour Greens putting green allows the golfer the ability to improve every aspect of his short game.

Unlike most artificial surfaces, the realistic feel and performance of a Tour Greens putting green will actually hold a shot, just like a natural grass green! When chipping onto the green, the ball will check up - or even spin back, with a proper shot. A Tour Greens putting surface rolls true and you can vary the stimp speeds.

Installation: One of the greatest advantages to buying a Tour Greens putting green is our team's years of experience in designing and installing "Tour Quality" projects. Each putting green is designed to fit the particular site and satisfy certain specifications. The installation process involves heavy-duty equipment and materials. The labor is intensive and should be performed by our trained professionals or certified dealers.

Maintenance: Having a Tour Greens synthetic golf green is the perfect solution for any golfer who doesn't have the time or know-how to maintain natural grass. Not only do you get the convenience of being able to practice your short game whenever you want, but you won't have to spend your time mowing, watering, fertilizing, or driving to and from the course! Tour Greens offers low-maintenance surfaces that perform in any climate.

Portable Putting Greens: If a full backyard golf green installation seems too elaborate, Tour Greens offers portable greens and hitting mats that will fit any budget. From basements and balconies to patios and promotional events, the Tour Greens line of portable putting greens are ideal for serious practice or serious fun. Tour Greens Portable Putting Greens are constructed from synthetic turf products designed to simulate both putting and chipping surfaces. Each putting green comes with cups and flags, and can be installed in minutes.

Tee Areas and Commercial Applications: Tour Greens offers artificial turf designed for driving range tee lines and hitting mats. Our tee area turf delivers a clean, consistent, maintenance-free surface that lasts for years, even in high-traffic areas. Also, artificial putting greens and putting courses provide a great way to develop property with low-maintenance, highly functional features that enhance the appearance of the grounds. Hotels, resorts, multi-family housing units, apartment buildings, retirement communities, and neighborhoods have used Tour Greens to add value to a property and create desirable golf amenities.

Whether you are thinking about installing a practice green in your backyard or designing a putting green for a resort, Tour Greens can help. As one of the oldest and largest designers and installers of golf greens in the industry, Tour Greens can work with you to design a solution for your particular application, environment, and budget. For more information, watch this video.

VersaCourt: The Ultimate Court Tile System
Having a golf green in the backyard is a dream of many golf enthusiasts, but why stop there. VersaCourt can accommodate all of the other sports nuts in your house. This innovative court tile system is ideal for creating safe, low-maintenance playing surfaces for basketball, tennis, shuffleboard, and other sports.

Custom Designs and Court Kits: VersaCourt is the ultimate surface for residential or commercial indoor and outdoor courts. From basketball courts and tennis courts to shuffleboard and multisport courts, the versatility of VersaCourt makes creating the perfect space for your family or team easy. VersaCourt is ideal for new projects, but also is a great solution for resurfacing old worn-out asphalt or concrete courts. VersaCourt's in-house design team and certified dealers will work with you to create a unique design or help select the perfect pre-configured court kit for your space and budget. With a selection of 17 standard colors, you can match your favorite team colors or create a design that complements your existing backyard d?cor.

VersaCourt Multi-Sport Game Court Systems bring families together with engaging activities that are enjoyable and physically beneficial. VersaCourt systems can be used to create a wide variety of playing surfaces or a combination of sports. Common courts include:
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Soccer
  • Paddle Tennis
  • Roller Hockey
  • Pickleball
  • 4-Square
  • Shuffleboard
  • Hopscotch
  • Racquetball
  • Agility Training

Expertly Engineered Tile: VersaCourt athletic court and flooring systems incorporate the most recent advancements in technology to ensure a comfortable, safe surface. Ideal for indoor and outdoor courts, our 3⁄4" shock-absorbing tile surface reduces playing fatigue, provides better ball rebound, and exceptional game performance.

Extensive research and development by VersaCourt engineers led to our 10" x 10" design that is the optimal size tile for peak performance. The patented design produces a consistently flat tile that guarantees the absolute best ball bounce and overall playability.

VersaCourt's patented locking system features reverse spring tension expansion joints and a spring-tabbing mechanism allowing for slight side-to-side movement between the tiles. This movement plus a gentle vertical flex provides forgiveness for the lower back and aging joints and helps protect one's knees, ankles and back from the stress of playing on traditional hard court surfaces.

The revolutionary interlocking mechanism uses six locking points on each tile. These six separate locking points keep the tile flat and secure to the floor allowing for a consistent, uniform ball bounce. And the tiles snap together effortlessly, making installation a breeze.

VersaCourt tiles have 20% more UV protection than recommended. Like sunscreen preventing sunburn, the extra UV additive ensures vibrant and consistent colors long term, making it the foundation of our 15-year warranty. To promote sustainability, VersaCourt is made from polypropylene, not PVC. Polypropylene is more resistant to fracturing, lighter for handling, and recyclable among many other environmental benefits.

Installation: VersaCourt systems are built to custom specifications producing the most attractive, high-performing practice surface available anywhere. VersaCourt offers the choice of professional turn-key installation or a do-it-yourself project.

Maintenance: VersaCourt tiles systems are low maintenance and come with a 15-year warranty. Court tiles are water resistant and are unaffected by humidity. Small openings in the tile surface allow water to pass through the tile while the post design allows water to drain below the playing surface. No more puddles means courts are ready for play just minutes after rain.

Accessories: VersaCourt carries a wide range of game court accessories to support whatever game you're playing. All of your accessories needs are covered with rebounder nets, ball containment fencing, court lights, basketball goals, and tennis nets.

Stay on top of your game with a Tour Greens synthetic putting surface and a VersaCourt tile system. No matter what your sport, Tour Greens and VersaCourt will give you the edge to perform at the highest level. You'll get everything you need before, during, and after installation, to keep your low-maintenance surfaces playing for years to come.

Do you have what it takes to work with the best?
Are you are an entrepreneur looking for a business that taps into your passion for sports? Do you own a landscaping company and want to find new products to help you grow? Regardless of your motivation, consider becoming a certified designer and installer of Tour Greens and VersaCourt.

As a Tour Greens or VersaCourt partner, you can bring the excitement of a PGA Tour-caliber putting green, full-size basketball court, or dozens of other games right into America's own backyard.

Tour Greens and VersaCourt chosen partners have access to top-of-the-line synthetic grass and court tile systems. Tour Greens and VersaCourt offer profitable and stable business opportunities - providing hundreds of owners and operators with a reliable income year after year!

Tour Greens and VersaCourt's qualified and professional support team will teach you how to sell, design, and install custom, world-class golf greens and state-of-the-art court systems. Tour Greens and Versacourt will supply you with a complete range of products to offer, provide you with the business know-how, and support your marketing efforts.

Tour Greens installation techniques were developed by synthetic turf experts with the input of PGA professionals and are unique and revolutionary for the industry. As a Tour Greens Certified Installer, these techniques are passed on to you. Tour Greens will train you how to build the highest quality greens while building your business at the same time. Don't have a full construction crew? As a certified dealer, you can also utilize Tour Greens corporate installation teams to handle your installs.

If you have the drive, desire, and love for sports, you should consider becoming a Tour Greens or VersaCourt Certified Dealer. We understand what it takes to make you successful in this industry, and will help you all along the way. Visit or for more information. Or call us today @ 877-881-8477 or 800-540-4899!

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