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Grapevine Parks & Rec Receives Grant
To Fund GO Wild Program

Grapevine Parks & Rec Receives Grant

The GO Wild Program of the City of Grapevine Parks and Recreation Department in Texas has various activities to educate young minds on the importance of the natural environment, including: iNaturalist Explorers, Habitat Builders, Texas Stream Team, an art gallery and school programs.

The City of Grapevine Parks and Recreation's (GPARD) GO Wild Program was given funds by the Community Outdoor Outreach Program of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). According to a Grapevine Parks & Recreation press release, the program is "a community-based, hands-on, education program designed to help the community enjoy, learn about, and care for our natural treasures."

Since 2017, the GO Wild Program has educated over 3,600 students and 1,000 community members in monitoring waterways, learning about local plants and animals, and restoring the habitat for wildlife. The program aims to increase awareness and appreciation of the natural environment to the youth. It also seeks to serve children who have less opportunities to enjoy nature and outdoor activities, such as offering low field trip fees to the parks Grapevine parks.

The $43,662 grant will help bring over 2,200 students from Title 1 schools to the Grapevine parks in order to "explore natural habitats, practice environment stewardship, and enjoy outdoor recreation activities."

To learn more about the GO Wild Program, click HERE.

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