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Green Waste: The New Trend in Mulch

"We figure we have 25,000 pounds (of green waste, seen here) a day, times five equals 125,000 pounds by 52 weeks - look how much we'd be dumping if we weren't doing this," said Davis. Davis and his company turn green waste into mulch and use it in the landscape designs of the properties they service.

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CLS Landscape Management, started by Kevin Davis 26 years ago, is one of a growing number of Southern California landscape firms that are searching for and finding innovative ways to be eco-friendly.

CLS, based in Chino, California, services more than 140 planned urban developments and condo associations in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura and Orange counties. It cumulatively gathers more than 25,000 pounds of environmental waste a day.

How much of that goes to a landfill? Absolutely none.

"What we do is so much better than bringing our waste to landfills," said Layne Barry, CLS facilities manager.

Beginning in April 2004, Davis decided to take that green waste, grind it into a large mountain of earth-toned mulch and use it in the landscape designs of the properties he services.

"Mulch retains water, reduces weeds and prevents erosion," said Davis, a Chino Hills resident. "A positive side effect is that it will reduce overall water cost and, plus, it's the right thing to do."

CLS services include landscape maintenance, tree services, irrigation system management, lawn care and pest control. It has six maintenance yards where green waste is collected then brought to a main yard where it is run through a huge $400,000 grinding machine dubbed "The Beast" and turned into mulch.

"In a world where we're all being encouraged to think green, we do this without any government incentives," Davis said. "We know it's something good for everybody.


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