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Greenworks, PC by Julie Miller The design concept for Noble Woods Nature Park includes an extensive trail system, bridges and boardwalks, stream corridor restoration, viewpoints and overlooks to provide areas for interpretation and education, limited parking areas, limited picnic use, and an interpretive kiosk at the park entrance. Noble Woods Nature Park represents a collaborative effort of an entire community to preserve a part of its natural resource heritage in the face of rapid urban development. GreenWorks provided design services to the City of Portland for 3 urban bikeways, integrating the bicycle corridors into the residential fabric of the neighborhoods through which they pass. Portland's history of supporting imaginative, creative solutions to urban growth dilemmas has created one of the most livable cities in America. GreenWorks is delighted to be part of Portland's urban planning and design tradition, with its commitment to creative collaborations between planners, public officials, designers and private citizens. The staff of nine is committed to fulfilling the firm's vision statement: Serve (provide exceptional service and responsiveness to our clients); Lead (Be industry leaders in creative problem solving); and Sustain (Contribute to projects which enhance the livability of communities while conserving natural resources and systems). Located downtown in historic Union Station, GreenWorks is located at the confluence of public transportation, new river district development, and an ongoing successful revitalization of an old warehouse district known as the Pearl District. In this environment, GreenWorks has developed and flourished. Formerly Mike Faha & Associates, the recent incorporation and name change to GreenWorks, PC signifies the commitment of the firm to pursue projects that promote sustainability. Whether within city limits or rural or natural areas, GreenWorks is committed to conserving cultural and natural resources, respecting environmental values, and creating dynamic environments in which to live, work and play. The daylighting of Tanner Creek is a project of huge proportions for the City of Portland, for which GreenWorks was the Landscape Architect providing design alternatives. Various treatments were designed to celebrate the creek's existence beneath the streets, including murals, fountains and cascading water features which will call the public's attention to the buried creek running beneath their feet. A visionary plan for the area surrounding the confluence of the Clackamas and Willamette Rivers addresses land use, recreation, transportation, infrastructure, wildlife habitat, and future expansion of the Tri City Wastewater Pollution Control Plant. GreenWorks was begun twelve years ago by Mike Faha, ASLA, as a sole proprietorship. As the firm grew, Faha channeled increasingly more of his energies into the environmental projects which are his specialty. Designing wetlands, stream restoration plans, and stormwater master plans are where Faha leads the firm, which has garnered many awards from both civic and professional organizations for integrating environmental preservation and enhancement with urban growth management. Mike Abbate, ASLA, joined the firm as Principal in 1996, bringing with him not only fourteen years of experience in Landscape Architecture and experience with private firms and the United States Forest Service, but also a dedication to recreation design in natural and urban spaces. An avid backpacker and urban bike commuter, Abbate experiences first hand the connections between the outdoor experience and the daily routine. He brings this personal experience and understanding to his projects with a commitment to sustainable design, choosing to meet the needs of the community, while best reflecting the natural character of the landscape-- whether that be an urban bikeway or a natural scenic overlook. Abbate explains, "We can complain about not being given a lead role in project teams, or we can earn the respect of our interdisciplinary peers by exhibiting the synthesis and graphic skills that characterize effective Landscape Architects. That means we need to brush up on our technical knowledge, be 'big-picture thinkers,' and most importantly, hone our consensus-building communication skills." "Landscape Architects in the Pacific Northwest have a great challenge and opportunity open to them: to become the leaders in creative approaches to incorporate stormwater into site design," Abbate continues. "Handled adeptly, stormwater bioswales, extended dry detention basins, wet ponds and water quality wetlands can move from elements hid from view to real landscape amenities that provide ecological function as well as aesthetics." GreenWorks is much more than just the two principals. The staff of nine represents a tremendous diversity of backgrounds and professional experience, and is the reason for the continued success of the firm. GreenWorks specializes in environmental, public recreation, urban design, and commercial projects, although projects of various types are undertaken. All projects are treated by the same three principles of the vision statement-- Serve, Lead, Sustain. However, certain projects in the Portland Metro area merit special attention for their contributions to enhancing the urban environment. Abbate explains, "For too long, we have isolated natural areas from our urban centers. What Portland is showing is that the two are not mutually exclusive-- you can have a dynamic urban environment that incorporates wetlands, riparian corridors and old-growth forests." The staff at GreenWorks takes great pride in the many successful projects they've contributed to the Portland Metro area. GreenWorks is not just a name, it is an attitude and philosophy of practice, which keeps the firm pursuing the most challenging projects at every opportunity. lasn

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