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H-2B vs NALP
NALP Ignores own Growth Initiative programs


The mid-year H2-B cap was met in December and the fiscal cap on March 1. Landscapers across the nation are now uncertain of their futures because they need seasonal workers and they may be denied.

Read Publisher, George Schmok's, upcoming March commentary, written before NALP abandoned their work on the Growth Initiative.

The Department of Labor informed landscapers during the last week of February they might not be receiving the H-2B workers they applied for.

The cap for applications was met earlier than expected, with the midyear cap met in December 2017 and now the fiscal year cap met on March 1.

According to the USCIS they received requests for 47,000 workers, which is over the number of visas available. Because of this, the USCIS conducted a lottery on Feb. 28 to determine which petitions will be granted visas.

The rest will be rejected and returned.

This has prompted a response from the NALP, who is calling for action from Congress before the 2018 budget resolution is passed.

"Many landscape companies will be facing a devastating employee shortage this year because they didn't get their H-2B workers," said Paul Mendelsohn, vice president of government relations for the NALP. "Many landscape professionals spend thousands of hours each year attempting to recruit and retain quality landscape workers but in this economy, they just can't find enough men and women willing to do physical labor and they lose work or have to close down because of that."

Recently, landscape companies in Ohio voiced their concerns regarding the cap and how the labor shortage would affect them.

Joe Drake, president of J.F.D. Landscapes said he is unsure if he will have the seasonal workers he needs to stay in business during the spring and summer seasons.

The NALP is encouraging its members to contact their representatives and get involved to help affected businesses make their voices heard.

To help with these efforts, contact Paul Mendelsohn at

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December 8, 2019, 8:00 am PDT

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