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Green Works
The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is sponsoring the construction of eight green infrastructure projects, including multiple installations of permeable pavers, to help with the management of stormwater throughout the city.

The Philadelphia Water Department is using an employee parking lot as a testing ground for various types of permeable pavement materials designed to prevent stormwater runoff from polluting local rivers and streams.

Terrecon's Terrewalks® modular interlocking pavement made of 100 percent recycled plastic was recently installed at Braddock Park in North Bergen, N.J., to replace fading, cracked stamped concrete.

Education Outreach
A collaboration between the University of Georgia and the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute has produced Paveshare, an online educational resource on segmental concrete pavements.

To help resolve a worker shortage in Florida's concrete masonry industry, recent legislation was introduced that would create a council to help educate a skilled labor force of masons.

OSHA's proposal to amend its standards for occupational exposure to crystalline silica will be examined in public hearings that are scheduled to begin on March 18, 2014.

New Products
Gator Base by Alliance Designer Products is marketed as a substitute for compacted crushed stone used as a base for paver and natural stone installations.

Each 1.5-pound panel reportedly replaces 240 pounds of compacted aggregate.

Borealis from Techo-Bloc is a concrete block product intended to convey the warmth and richness of wood.

Oly-Ola hardscape vinyl edgings are produced from post-industrial vinyl sheet scrap.

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